Best Bed Vacuum Cleaner with UV Light: Our Top Picks

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The public’s interest in the latest cleaning and disinfection technology has skyrocketed in recent months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the globe. Consumers in every part of the world are fixated on making certain that the people, places, as well as things in their immediate vicinity are as germ-free as is humanly feasible.

Remember that the CDC believes that maintaining social distance and practicing good hygiene are the only genuinely effective strategies to ensure that you will reduce your exposure to COVID-19. This is despite the fact that cleaning surfaces and things in your house is never a bad thing to do.

UV vacuum cleaners are one kind of specialized cleaning equipment that is gaining popularity at a time when widespread anxiety is being caused by an impending pandemic. Fabrics may be sanitized and cleaned all at once by using UV vacuums.

In recent months, there has been a significant increase in the sales of UV vacuums. A significant portion of their success might be attributed to customer fears over the virus and what it could do to their own families.

Wondering which is the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light? Should you invest in a vacuum cleaner that uses UV light in the first place? Some individuals choose to clean their houses using UV vacuums so that they may keep their family from becoming sick during flu and cold season. A standard vacuum cleaner’s capacity for sanitization and filtration may be significantly improved by the addition of a UV vacuum, which is used by certain individuals.

In order to select the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light, what criteria should we take into consideration? The following are some primary considerations that may be drawn from an analysis of the basic operation of a mattress vacuum cleaner:


They filter dust directly and are intimately associated with the cleaning capacity of a vacuum cleaner.

UV Light

Yes, it does have a little futuristic ring to it. The vast majority of vacuum cleaners use UV light as a method for eradicating mites as well as other types of bed bugs completely.


When dust or mites are filtered or vacuumed, the suction operates to gather them for a good finish. This is accomplished via the use of a vacuum.


The majority of users prefer a hand-held design because it is more precise, easier to handle, and more comfortable to keep in hand.

Electrical Power

This is crucial since you would anticipate that it would operate effectively to vacuum your mattress and restore it to its previous state.

You are provided with a diverse range of choices regardless of the motivation for your purchase of a UV vacuum. Today, we will be focusing on a few of the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light currently for sale on both online and offline shops. This guide will also include a synthesis of our study on a number of important aspects that are driving the UV vacuum technology. It will also include answers to some of the questions that are asked the most often regarding the increasing market of cleaning technologies, specifically bed vacuum cleaners with UV light.

OUR TOP PICK: Dibea 15Kpa Powerful Suction UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner

The Dibea model is an exceptional UV mattress cleaner that has cutting-edge UV quartz sterilization as well as automated protection. Because it has a UV quartz sterilization tube, it is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, including mattresses, couches, carpets, pillows, and the list goes on. It also has a high frequency that is based on 15kPa of suction, and it operates with 6000 times per minute of vibration to beat out bed bugs, dust allergies, as well as dust mites, and then it traps them within the vacuum. In addition to that, it has HEPA filters that collect the tiniest particles and bacteria that are present on the cloth. It comes complete with an additional HEPA filter as well as a brush, making it a strong contender for the title of best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light.


  • Low cost
  • Simple in terms of both assembly and disassembly
  • Includes a 14.7-feet long cord for added cleaning reach
  • 20cm long lamp ensure maximum effectiveness of removing dust
  • Strong suction
  • Quiet operation

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

To begin, Dyson is a brand that is well-known all over the globe in this industry. This portable mattress cleaning from Dyson, the V7, has a strong suction for cordless operation. Because it does not have a cable, this vacuum cleaner may be held in your hand while you vacuum in any location you want. In addition to that, it comes with a crevice tool, which makes it easier to clean gaps and crevices (a combination tool, which makes it easier to dust gently as well as a tiny motorized tool, which removes pet hair and stains). It is highly effective in cleaning vehicle seats, furniture, as well as mattresses. The capacity of this vacuum cleaner is 15 gallons, which indicates that it is able to store a significant amount of dust and filth for extended periods of time.

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite UV Vacuum Cleaner

The Housmile mattress vacuum cleaner has both superior HEPA filtration, which can collect a high proportion of particles, and UV light, which can eliminate germs, making it ideal for use on mattresses, carpets, couches, and other similar surfaces. It is able to revolve at a high frequency of up to 6000 times per minute because of the intense suction of 10.5 kPa that it has. Dust mites that are buried very deeply may be exterminated and removed using suction. Because of its small size and lightweight construction, it can be held easily with one hand and is straightforward to use. In addition to that, the filter is simple to clean. It is widely regarded as an excellent mattress vacuum cleaner that is equipped with UV light, making it effective against dust and bed bugs.

RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

The use of a mattress vacuum cleaner may help maintain a clean and wholesome atmosphere inside your bedroom. This one in particular utilizes its unique RayClean technology to assist in the removal of allergens, germs, and dust mites from the inside of your mattresses. In more detail, it utilizes intense UV light to eradicate microorganisms as well as mites. The UV radiation is intense, which generates a powerful wavelength that kills microorganisms that may be present in fabric materials. In addition to that, it has pulsing pads that employ high-frequency vibration to break up fine dust and grime so that it may be filtered using HEPA technology. The purchase will be well worth it since this vacuum helps a lot and makes it possible for you to live comfortably and sleep through the night without breathing any microorganisms.

LivePure Ultramite UV HEPA Allergen Vacuum

It has been suggested that you use this bed vacuum cleaner with UV light since it is able to eradicate allergens, such as dust mites, germs, viruses, and other particles that the human eye cannot detect. It is best suited for vacuuming things, like mattresses, drapes, furniture, and upholstery since it is constructed with a covered rolling brush and has powerful suction that has been tuned. In addition to the UV technology, the most important feature of this product is the real HEPA filter, which removes more than 99% of dust mites and particles from both the surface and the inside of a mattress. The vacuum cleaner features a hose that can be extended, which makes it easier for it to get into tight spaces.

Understanding Ultraviolet Light

The wavelength of electromagnetic radiation known as ultraviolet light is greater than that of x-rays but shorter than that of visible light. UV light is a subset of visible light.

Our sun is responsible for the emission of ultraviolet light. However, the ozone gas that is present in our atmosphere filters a significant portion of the light’s larger and middle range wavelengths. Black lights, fluorescent bulbs, and tanning beds are examples of manufactured appliances that often fall within the lower price range. Other examples include tanning booths. Because it utilizes the UV extreme spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, it is able to generate effects that are more long-lasting.

What Is A UV Vacuum Cleaner?

A UV germicidal bulb is included in the design of each of these bed vacuum cleaners. They have had a surge in demand, not just for residential but also for commercial applications. These vacuum cleaners will help you get rid of everything, including dust mites, pet hair, pollen, and allergies, and leaving the surface looking as clean as it did when you first bought it.

Features Of A Typical UV Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Design

A cordless design tool eliminates the need for potentially hazardous lengthy wires and provides you with an experience that is both superior and more comfortable. Cleaning your house’s floor, carpets, curtains, and other furniture, like mattresses, sofas, and so on, with a UV vacuum cleaner is a very simple and stress-free method to get the job done. 

HEPA Filter

More than 99.9% of the allergenic dust, mite matter, and pet hair that settles on certain surfaces may be captured and removed with the assistance of a fine mesh HEPA filter. Any one of these particles has the potential to make the people in this home uncomfortable, particularly those who suffer from asthma or a variety of allergies.

UV Lamp

After the allergenic dust and dust mites have been cleaned off the surface, the UV light will kill any remaining traces of them. It has been shown that the UV light is capable of killing 99.99% of typical mites.

High Beating Pace

It might be challenging to eradicate dust mites in your bedding with a conventional vacuum cleaner. However, the UV vacuum cleaner’s flapping pads are designed to eliminate mites from the surface in a prompt and effective manner.

Do UV Vacuum Cleaners Work?

New study reveals that the addition of UV light to the brushing and suctioning capabilities of a bed vacuum cleaner may virtually quadruple the removal of potentially pathogenic bacteria from the surface of a bed when compared to the effectiveness of vacuuming on its own.

According to the researchers who conducted the study, the results indicate that introducing the germicidal capabilities of UV light into the process of vacuuming could hold promise in decreasing allergies and infections from beddings as well.

Getting Rid Of Dust Mites With The Help Of UV Vacuum Cleaners

In order to guarantee that UV vacuum cleaners are successful, it is essential to make sure that they are used in the appropriate manner. The following is a list of the processes and some helpful hints on how to operate a UV vacuum cleaner correctly: 

1. Remove the linens

The bed must be stripped of all its sheets before the vacuuming process can begin. Sheets, spread, and mattress pad should all be cleaned and dried completely. Dust mites can only be killed by using hot water and the drier heat setting on the appliance.

2. Begin vacuuming 

Get started by vacuuming the whole mattress. When vacuuming a mattress, start at the top and work your way down to the overlapping portions. When vacuuming the mattress, pay special attention to the crevices and high-traffic areas where dirt, dead skin, pet hair, dust mites, as well as other pollutants tend to collect. When it comes to cleaning various flat surfaces, UV vacuum cleaners excel.

3. Get rid of the stains 

It is important to check the whole mattress for any stains. After you are done vacuuming, go ahead and do this. Use the proper cleaning to remove any spill stains from the mattress. However, accidents happen, and although while it is ideal to remove stains as quickly as possible, sometimes you could miss a spot. If you have any irritating stains on your mattresses, you may remove them using any commercially available cleaner designed for either bed or upholstery. The simplest technique to remove stains is using a solution of one teaspoon of detergent in a cup of warm water.

4. Deodorize

When you need to get rid of odors from your mattress, just spray baking soda all over it. It is recommended that you keep the baking soda on the mattress for at least 24 hours for the greatest benefits. Baking soda is useful for eliminating musty odors and soaking up any extra moisture in a mattress. Using the vacuum, remove the baking soda from the mattress. 

5. Cover

Remember to flip the mattress over and do the same thing on the opposite side. After you have finished cleaning the mattress, cover it. There is no need to worry about spills or stains on the mattress – thanks to the cover. A mattress pad may also be used to prevent condensation from forming between the mattress cover and the bottom sheet. 

When Do You Clean Your Mattress? 

Despite widespread agreement that mattresses are the dirtiest part of the home, this area is generally given short shrift when it comes time to clean. Dust mites are not the only the thing that may thrive in a dirty mattress; fungus spores and germs of all sorts can also make a home there if you are not careful. Maintaining a clean mattress requires at least bi-weekly cleaning. Dust, germs, as well as viruses will all be destroyed by the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a UV vacuum cleaner on wet surfaces?

We do not recommend using UV vacuum cleaners on damp floors. The device might be harmed by the liquid.

Can the HEPA filter be cleaned?

Yes, the HEPA filter may be cleaned. To begin, use a toothbrush to take away the bulk of the dirt. Turn the filter over down and rinse it well.

It is important to remember that cleaning the filter from the outside might push debris further into the filter. Please refrain from scrubbing the filter while it is wet. After washing, hang it up to dry. Be careful not to use a blow dryer on high heat. Also, check that the filter is completely dry before using it again.

My UV vacuum keep stopping automatically. What is the problem?

Your gadget may have overheated. You might try washing the HEPA filter or emptying the dust bin.

Final Words

It is clear from the above list of the best bed vacuum cleaner with UV light that handheld vacuum cleaners are more often used due to their convenience, while UV mattress cleaners are more widely used due to their ability to eliminate dust mites and unseen microorganisms. Buying a vacuum cleaner is a big investment. Therefore, it is important to think about features, like the HEPA filter, the power of the suction, and so on.

Bed vacuum cleaners with UV light are practical and simple to use. If you go online, you may discover a wide variety of high-quality vacuum cleaners from which to pick one that meets your needs as well as your budget.

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