Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Odors: Bye Smelly Carpets

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Even while having a pet in your life may offer an indescribable amount of joy, this does not exclude the possibility that there may be certain outcomes that are less than ideal as a direct result of having a pet. Do you have urine stains that suddenly emerged on carpets, inside dog crates, and all over dog beds? No, thank you very much for your interest. Because of this, you need to invest in the best carpet cleaners money can buy that are made specifically for use with animals. These handy devices scour away dirt and stains in a flash, leaving behind carpets that are spotless and devoid of any smells. And, if we may venture such a bold statement, using them is a thrill in its own right. If you get a kick out of looking at “before” and “after” pictures of cluttered areas that have been cleaned up, using one of the best carpet cleaners for dogs currently available on the market and transforming your home into a place that could be featured in a magazine is going to be a lot of fun for you, and it is going to be a lot of fun for your dog as well (the devices even pick up dog food stains). Your guests may not even notice that you have a pet in the other half of the time.

Attempting to maintain the cleanliness of one’s carpet is a challenge that almost everyone faces at some time or another in their lives. On the other hand, because of this, it is necessary to invest in a high-quality vacuum that is intended solely for the removal of pet hair (in addition to a variety of products that are designed to remove pet hair), to remove cat urine and dog feces stains on a weekly basis, and to get rid of unpleasant smells that are associated with pets. However, despite your best attempts, accidents and messes will still occur; for this reason, you will want the carpet cleaning method that is the most effective for dogs.

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets

There is a broad selection of pet carpet cleaners on the market, and they can be purchased for a number of various rates. Some come with an assortment of carpet cleaning equipment, including as brushes, suctions, upholstery tools, and nozzles, while others do not include any of these accessories in their packaging. There are also portable handheld machines that are designed to clean smaller areas, in addition to upright units that are intended to clean larger areas. The more expensive models often come with an increased range of power and suction options, in addition to a larger tank capacity and more attachments. In addition to that, the size of the tank might be raised.

According to the website ThingsToClean, the most important factor to take into consideration when selecting a steam cleaner for your carpet is how simple it will be to clean the machine itself after use. This is what the website has to say about it. When you use a cleaner on your carpet, it may be possible to remove the material from pet stains; however, this material will then build in the hoses and water tanks of your machine. It is possible that this will result in the formation of mold and mildew, and it also provides the perfect circumstances for the bacteria and parasites that are already present in the stain to flourish. This, as he points out, puts both you and your pets in risk. He suggests looking for a steam cleaner that has hoses that can be removed easily and thoroughly cleaning them at least once every three months, with the frequency of cleaning increasing proportionately with the amount of usage. In addition, he suggests thoroughly cleaning any attachments that come with the steam cleaner. You should be able to kill the bulk of the germs that may be present in pet stains by soaking the hoses and nozzles in a solution of hot water and bleach for 10 minutes. This should be sufficient time to eradicate the bacteria.

OUR TOP PICK: Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro

ThingsToClean’s top recommendation when it comes to carpet cleaners is the Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro model. According to him, “I like it for my multiple-pet home since it is straightforward to use and cuts in half the amount of time I spend cleaning up pet stains,” Why? It is possible for pet messes to penetrate the carpet all the way down to the padding and the untreated floor that is located underneath. “I know that I am removing the stain and odor, as well as maintaining the flooring in my house by utilizing the suction tool and a powerful enzymatic cleanser that are both included in the tiny device.” Are you interested in more useful hints? The instructions that are provided below are quite detailed and will be of great assistance to you while cleaning your carpet.

13 pounds, making it a light enough weight that it may be easily moved from one area to another inside the house.It is not as successful at cleaning large areas as an upright carpet cleaner is, especially when compared to the price.
In spite of its little size, it has effective cleaning capabilities, such as suction and scrubbing action, which is particularly impressive.The tank that is holding the contaminated water might be difficult to empty at times.
In addition to a bottle containing the PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator solution, the kit comes with two separate instruments to use in its operation.

Hoover PowerDash

There is a lot of value offered by the Hoover PowerDash upright cleaner despite the fact that it costs slightly more than one hundred dollars. The carpet cleaner with an easy-to-push tank that carries a half gallon of solution can cover wider areas and make cleaning up a breeze despite its tiny size and light weight. Customers seem to be satisfied with the product since it has achieved a rating of 4.5 stars across more than 64,000 reviews on Amazon, which suggests that the company is doing a good job. These are some of the additional highly respected vacuum cleaners that made it into our list. There are plenty more.

Outstanding bargain for the priceBecause it can only retain a half gallon of filthy water, you should get used to emptying it more often.
The item is not heavy and can be moved about with ease.Quite noisy compared to most vacuum machines
Small enough to stow away in confined spaces without difficulty.

Bissell Little Green Machine

Customers who buy on Amazon have determined that the Bissell Little Green Machine is the best carpet cleaner for households with animals and have made it the best-selling product on the website of the online retailer. When you have a water tank that holds 48 ounces of water and a hose that is 4 feet long, you can clean more quickly without having to dump the filthy water from the tank as often. It also comes equipped with a hose that can clean itself, making it simple to flush away any residue after each usage. After putting the Little Green Machine through its paces, our Home Editor came to the same conclusion as we did:

The mold and germs can not get to you thanks to the self-cleaning mechanism on the hose.It may be fairly loud
Excellent value considering the cost.Insufficient in size to clean up bigger spaces.
Performs cleaning in an effective and efficient manner

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

The corded Rug Doctor Pet is a popular choice among pet owners who spend a lot of time traveling about a room cleaning up pet messes. It has a retractable handle, a 4-foot hose, and wheels. Because its tank is bigger than the tanks of most other units of the same size, it can contain 64 ounces of cleaning solution. This means that you will not have to make as many pit stops to replenish it, which will save you a significant amount of time. It may also assist you with more challenging activities that are not linked to your pet, such as cleaning the baseboards in your home.

Wheels make it much simpler to move about a room.
A hose with a length of 4 feet makes messes that are difficult to access accessible.
A larger than average water tank means less time is spent waiting for refills.

Black+Decker Spillbuster

As its name suggests, the pet carpet cleaner manufactured by Black+Decker is essentially a Dustbuster for the messes caused by pets. The Spillbuster eliminates spills in three simple steps: To begin, it will vacuum up any bigger pieces of trash. After that, spray the area that has to be treated with the cleaning solution. Finally, scrape the area by pulling it back and forth over the debris in order to remove it. This portable device may also be used in the automobile as a vacuum cleaner.

Extremely portable, making it an excellent choice for use in the vehicle or on little messes.Designed exclusively for use on specific areas of dirt and dust.
The majority of the components can be cleaned in a dishwasher.If you use the cleaning solution with this product, then and only then will it be effective.
Excellent value considering the cost.Because the cleaning reservoir is so little, you will have to keep topping it up.
The battery indicator will tell you how much charge is left in the device.

What To Know About Carpet Cleaners For Pets Before Shopping

Surface Types

If the stains that are the most difficult to remove in your house are often found in the carpet, on an area rug, on the upholstery, or even in the automobile, you will want to give some thought to purchasing a carpet cleaner that is intended to target those particular surfaces.

The most effective carpet cleaners for dogs will include detachable heads that can be used to clean sofa cushions and vehicle seats in addition to producing powerful suction on carpets and rugs. These carpet cleaners will be adaptable enough to be used on a range of different surfaces.

Water Tank Capacity

It will not be an issue for you to use a carpet cleaner primarily for spot cleaning if you get a machine that has a small water tank since you expect to use it for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you have a number of carpeted rooms in your house that are in need of some TLC, you will want to look for a carpet cleaner that has a water tank that is at least one gallon in capacity. Because of this, you are able to clean a greater surface area without having to replace the water.

In addition, the finest carpet cleaners for dogs will feature a water tank that is separated into two compartments. This allows the clean water to be kept separate from the unclean water that is sucked up from your carpets by the vacuum. Because of this, you will not have to worry about spraying dirt back into your carpet, which will enable you to keep cleaning for a longer amount of time.


Be sure to examine the weight and size of any models you are thinking about purchasing if you have pets, as this will help you choose the ideal carpet cleaner for your needs. This might assist you in determining the portability of the device as well as how easily it can be stored.

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner that is capable of giving your whole home a thorough cleaning, investing in a heavier model is likely to be the best choice for you, assuming that you have the room to store it. However, if you want to use your carpet cleaner on furniture, in your vehicle, or on numerous floors of your house, the most practical choice is one that is lightweight.

Power and Suction

The amount of suction power that carpet cleaners have may be determined by looking at their air watts ratings. The higher the rating, the greater the suction that is generated. A regular upright carpet cleaner may have a suction power of 100 air watts, however a machine designed for professionals may have as much as 220 air watts of suction power. Corded vacuum cleaners that get their power straight from an electrical socket are often the ones that have the best suction of all available options. Greater suction results in a more thorough cleaning as well as the removal of more water from the surface, which expedites the drying process.

The handheld and cordless carpet cleaners designed for use with dogs that are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a little less strength than their corded counterparts, but they are still an excellent choice for treating stains in specific areas. Carpet cleaners that are handheld have a limited supply source and a runtime that often does not exceed thirty minutes before needing to be recharged again. Even while lithium-ion batteries have a lot of power, they simply cannot compete with the amount of suction that can be generated by corded machines that have a more significant power supply.

Carpet cleaners designed for use with dogs may also have a variety of cleaning modes, each tailored to a specific purpose. For instance, a carpet cleaning machine may have a setting for a deep clean, a heavy-duty setting that employs a more rigorous scrub, or a quick-clean setting that utilizes less water for an effective clean that dries quickly for the convenience of the user. These settings can be found on the machine.


When you buy a brand-new carpet cleaner designed specifically for use with dogs, you can get several accessories free of charge. The majority of carpet cleaners designed specifically for pets come equipped with a particular pet cleaning brush tool that may be used to spot treat carpet or upholstery in order to achieve a more thorough cleaning.

Some cleaners may come with an attachment hose that allows for better reach in tight spaces where a bulky machine may not be able to fit. Another attachment tool that may be offered is intended to pick up hair or remove stains. It is possible that some of the bonus carpet cleaner accessories are sample sizes of shampoos or cleaning solutions.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Are there any risks associated with using carpet cleaners on your rugs?

A: Even though you may worry that the suction force of a carpet cleaning machine might compromise the quality of your carpeting, the most majority of these machines will not tear or damage your flooring in any way.

Q: Is it more effective to use an upright type as opposed to a portable carpet cleaner?

A: Portable carpet cleaners are better for spot cleaning or eliminating pet stains from smaller carpet surfaces, while upright carpet cleaners are best for cleaning big carpet surfaces. Upright carpet cleaners are perfect for cleaning large carpet surfaces.

Q: I have a pet—am I allowed to use a pet carpet cleaner that just requires water?

A: You have the option of merely adding water to your model for ordinary carpet cleaning; however, it is advised that you use a cleaning solution in the water tank of your carpet cleaner for stubborn stains. If you do not want to use a cleaning solution, you may just add water.

Q: Does a carpet cleaner for pets need room temperature or hot water?

A: If you want the finest possible results from your carpet cleaning machine, you should use warm or hot water. Never use water that has been brought to a rolling boil.

Q: Should You Vacuum Your Carpets After Having Them Cleaned?

A: It is important to vacuum a carpet both before and after cleaning it to prevent small particles of dust, dirt, and bigger items from getting into the water tank of your carpet cleaner.

Q: How often should you clean your carpet?

A: Carpets in homes with dogs should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner roughly three to four times each year, at the very least. Between deep cleanings, it is recommended to vacuum at least twice a week to help pick up stray pet hair and dander.

Q: After using a carpet cleaner, is it safe for me to walk on my carpet? 

A: Even while some carpet cleaners feature a built-in hot drying function, some types of these machines could still leave your carpet wet for more than six hours after usage.

Q: How exactly should a carpet cleaner be kept so that it does not get contaminated with germs or mold?

A: Before putting the carpet cleaner away, check to see that it is completely dry to eliminate the risk of mold and bacteria development. Carpet cleaners may be air-dried or cleaned by wiping them down after use.

Final Words

If you want to maintain your carpets in fantastic condition over the long run and get rid of stains, pet hair, and smells, investing in a carpet cleaner for your house is a smart investment. Because it offers a number of different deep-cleaning modes that may assist target even ground-in stains, the Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro is our top pick for the best carpet cleaner that is suitable for use with dogs.

We find that its “clean shot” capability is particularly useful since it enables you to spray cleaning solution straight into deep stains. This helps to break down the dirt and keeps your carpet looking as if it were brand new.

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