Best Degreaser for Dishes: Top 7!

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Cleaning grease from your kitchen is probably not something you give much thought to if you’re like most people. However, a good degreaser is necessary to maintain a clean kitchen. The best degreaser for dishes and cabinets is discussed here. We will also discuss their significance and how to make use of them.

Kitchen Degreaser

The purpose of kitchen degreasers is to eliminate oil and grime from hard surfaces. It includes hardwood floors, cupboards, and even cooker hoods. Many of these products contain powerful ingredients that may dissolve grease molecules. It makes even the most stubborn stains easy to wipe away.

best degreaser for dishes

Kitchen Cabinet Reduction?

Many techniques exist for removing grease from kitchen cupboards. Choose a good kitchen degreaser for cupboards and painted doors to clean and protect them. Then, get some water and get to work cleaning those kitchen cupboards till they shine like new.

Which Degreaser Can I Use?

Many commonplace items can serve as effective degreasers. Vinegar is often used as a degreaser. Vinegar’s acidity is quite low, making it ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grime. Your home’s finish is safe, and it can be used without worry. Degreasing with white vinegar is popular since it smells mild. A degreaser shouldn’t be overly abrasive, or it could end up damaging your surfaces. Test the cleaner on a hidden surface with a tiny amount on a clean towel. If the cleaner is too strong, it will damage the finish. Degreasers can be biodegradable or environmentally friendly. 

What is the Best Degreaser for Kitchens and Cabinets?

Here is a look at some of the best degreaser for dishes in kitchens and cabinets for the year 2023.

OUR TOP PICK: Hardware Products by Stanley Concentrated Degreaser

Since 1931, Stanley Home Products has sold concentrated degreasers. It’s versatile enough to be used on just about any surface in the kitchen, from the floor to the appliances to the wood cabinets to the worktops.

Kitchen grease and residential grease deposits can be cleaned with this industrial degreaser. To use the concentrated mixture in the kitchen, you will need to purchase a spray container and dilute it with water. Dawn dish soap cleans more than dishes. It’s cheap and effective as a degreaser, cleanser, and stain remover.


  • Concentrated cleaner with industrial strength
  • Easy grease removal
  • Concentrated Kitchen Degreaser Best for Grime


  • The opposite of non-toxic
  • It’s important to use safety gloves.


Method Heavy-Duty Degreaser

best degreaser for dishes

With Method’s Heavy-Duty Cleaner, it has never been easier to clean your kitchen in an eco-friendly way. It is made from all-natural components. It can be used without worry around kids and animals.

The kitchen cupboards, appliances, and countertops are all safe to use with this degreaser. Stop wasting your time scrubbing the kitchen floor. This degreaser will get rid of even the most stubborn food stains.

For eco-friendly kitchen cleaning, this degreaser is ideal. The energizing lemongrass aroma and 100% plant-based ingredients make it ideal for use in homes with both kids and pets.


  • The Ingredients are safe
  • Substitutes derived from plant
  • Animal-friendly business
  • Excellent lemongrass aroma


  • Non-concentrated formulas cost more over time
  • Amazon’s single-bottle selection is scarce.

Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser

Because it works well in a wide range of situations, the Krud Kutter degreaser is used a lot in kitchens. Use it to clean your stove, cabinets, and floors. You’ll find that it even works on the toughest grease.

There is no better spray degreaser on the market for your kitchen than this one. It gets rid of oily residue and other stains quickly and easily. It makes short work of a wide range of hard-to-clean tasks.

If you need a degreaser that has been approved as a “safer choice” by the EPA, consider purchasing some Krud Kutter. The non-toxic ingredients make it an important cleaner and degreaser for homes with kids and pets. However, some have complained that it is not powerful enough to remove baked-on food and stubborn grease stains.


  • EPA-approved as a “safer choice”
  • Chemical-free recipe
  • Fabulous for use with stoves
  • Helps to eliminate baked-on food


  • It’s not strong enough for some critics.

Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser

best degreaser for dishes

Use Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser if you need a strong cleaner with a pleasant citrus scent. Kitchen counters, appliances, and floors can be cleaned with this degreaser. Citrus is uplifting and will leave your kitchen smelling and looking fresh. Using Zep simplifies housework and leaves a refreshing citrus aroma in the air. It works wonders on grime, grease, and burnt-on food on your stovetop, countertops, and range hood.

For industrial-strength kitchen cleaners, use Zep Concentrated Citrus. Even though this degreaser smells like citrus, it is strong enough to get rid of even the toughest oil and dirt. In any case, it’s not a completely harmless concoction, so use caution and gloves.


  • The beautiful, tangy aroma
  • Degreaser and cleanser that really works
  • Perfect for cleaning grime
  • Quite the robust item


  • Doesn’t contain any poisonous ingredients
  • Don’t forget your gloves!
  • Reviewers say the stench is very overwhelming.

Dawn Dish Soap & Kitchen Degreaser

Dawn dish soap is an excellent all-around cleanser, not just for dishes. It’s an excellent degreaser and cleaner in general. Also, it works wonders in the kitchen. You can clean your walls, floors, appliances, and cabinets with this dishwashing liquid soap. Fabric stains are another target for this handy product. You can use this fantastic kitchen cleaner for nearly any purpose by just adding water and picking up a moist cloth.

In addition to cleaning dishes, Dawn dish soap has many other useful applications. It’s cheap and effective as a degreaser, cleanser, and stain remover.


  • A fluid that can be used for many cleaning tasks
  • Efficacious degreaser
  • Useful in the kitchen
  • Numerous choices of spray bottles
  • You can just wipe and rinse.


  • Potential to leave streaks on windows

Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Are you aware that Goo Gone makes a grease-cutting kitchen washer? This is one of the best ways to get rid of grease in the kitchen, and it works well on many surfaces. Use it without worry on sealed granite countertops or stainless-steel appliances.

Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser, a popular degreaser, removes sticky residue. This spray quickly dissolves oil and leaves your kitchen countertops spotless.


  • Grease-removing foaming spray
  • Produces a spotless finish
  • An excellent soap scum degreaser


  • It failed some critics.

Parker & Baily Kitchen Cabinet Cream

Cabinets in the kitchen can be easily cleaned using Parker & Bailey. A cream mixture, it adheres to surfaces and dissolves set-in grime and grease. If you’re looking for a degreaser that doesn’t call for scrubbing. Go no further than this cleanser. Remove it from the kitchen cupboards by applying a small amount to a moist cloth and waiting a few minutes.

To remove grease from kitchen cupboards, try Parker & Bailey. This recipe is for a cream that adheres to surfaces and dissolves grime and grease. Those looking for a no-scrub degreaser will appreciate this cleaner.


  • Cabinets in the kitchen are safe
  • Chemical-free recipe
  • Fewer odors than competing brands
  • Applicable to wooden surfaces


  • The only appropriate surface is wood.

How to Choose the Best Degreaser for Dishes in the Kitchen for a Commercial

Allowing the grease to accumulate will lead to a dramatic rise in energy costs. It will cost you extra money to operate your business if you do this. Because of this, keeping your commercial kitchen clean with a degreaser is essential.

Cleaning grease will be much simpler, and you’ll end up saving cash in the long run. Where can I find the best degreaser for dishes? These tips should help you choose the greatest home kitchen appliance.

Best Degreaser for Dishes: Identifying the Proper Formula

Some formulations may be better suited to a given task than others. On the other hand, degreasers have additional benefits besides just their efficiency. There are, for instance, formulas that leave no trace behind. Sometimes, residue from degreasers might function as a magnet for dust and other particles.

As a result, dirt will accumulate more quickly and frequently on the surface. Using products without a residue will keep the surface clean for much longer. It also implies reduced degreaser usage, which saves time and money. High-evaporation-rate formulations are also rather practical. Less waste trap degreaser reduces waste disposal costs.

Having good traction is especially important for the kitchen floor. Wet floors will be less of a hazard if the liquid evaporates quickly. Besides that, you need to select the appropriate formula for the substrates you intend to treat. Choose one that’s safe for plates and utensils. Some of them won’t stain the stainless steel in your appliances.

Does It Work?

Both powerful and diluted versions of degreasers are available for purchase. Ready-to-use dilutions are available, while concentrated ones require the addition of water. Others favor diluted solutions, but some find the versatility of concentrated ones more appealing. Add water to modify the solution’s potency. Since they weigh less, shipping them can be less expensive.

The suggested amount of water allows for regular use. Use less water if you’re cleaning more grease. However, diluted solutions don’t require stirring before use. They save time cleaning because they are already blended to perfection.

Varieties of Degreasers

Degreasers come in a wide range of pH values, chemical compositions, and functional capacities. One can expect low alkalinity from a multipurpose degreaser and high alkalinity from an oven degreaser. Both types of degreasers comprise detergents, solvents, and alkaline builders. However, the former also includes high-foaming surfactants.

If you know the kind you need, you can clean more efficiently. You can use a general-purpose degreaser on your surfaces and for general cleaning. Water-based solvents are an example of a “green” solvent that could be used in “green” degreasers. These are also neutral to slightly alkaline surfactant-based cleaners. A ready-to-use (RTU) degreaser is effective on hard surfaces. The surfactants and the water-based solvent in this degreaser make it unique.

Problems with Safety

The many compounds found in degreasers provide potential health risks if used incorrectly. But there are non-toxic varieties that might be better for regular use. Find out what chemicals are used by reading the labels. Some may claim to be safe for use around dogs. Degreasers based on oil are also combustible, so they shouldn’t be used near a stove.

However, remedies based on water tend to be less dangerous. Always wear plenty of garments to hide your identity. Even with a non-toxic composition, solvents and fumes can injure your eyes. Wear safety eyewear and a mask and open the windows and doors.

Keep the Nature in Mind

When you flush a degreaser down the toilet, it enters the environment. Chemicals from kitchen cleansers will enter the soil and harm plants and animals. In particular, oil-based formulations are harmful to the environment. They have their uses, but you should be careful while employing them. As for proper disposal, read the label first.

Low-hazardous-air-pollutant degreasers are also available. See if they are biodegradable and safe for the planet by reading the labels. To have a smaller ecological footprint, consider using concentrated medicines. These bottles can be reused indefinitely thanks to the availability of refill pods.

Maintaining Industry Standards

In industrial and business kitchens, chemicals pose many concerns. That’s why businesses have rules in place for employee and customer safety. NSF A1 degreasers are required for food and beverages. This accreditation makes the degreaser safe for production stoves.

There are also specific degreasers for engine parts and concrete, amongst others, of which you should be aware. Selecting a kitchen degreaser that has the aforementioned credentials is essential. Doing so will guarantee that your business is safe for its employees and consumers and that you are following all relevant rules and laws.

Degreasers Should Be Used with Care

It is important to exercise caution when using degreasers because of their potency. Avoid using harsh chemicals, if at all possible, to protect both yourself and the surfaces you’re cleaning. Here are some guidelines for the proper and secure application of degreasers.

  • If you want to avoid damaging your equipment, it’s important to follow the degreaser’s manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Prior to using the degreaser on the entire surface, you should test it on a tiny, hidden region. Use this to keep the surface in good condition.
  • Always use gloves when working with degreasers to prevent skin irritation and chemical burns.
  • When using degreasers, make sure the area has adequate ventilation. Doing so will protect you from breathing in toxic gases.
  • It’s not a good idea to use degreasers on heated surfaces since the vaporized chemicals could be swallowed.
  • It’s dangerous to combine several types of degreasers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which household product removes grease?

Grease can be removed from house surfaces with soap, sodium bicarbonate, water, or vinegar.

Q: How should grease be removed from an oven?

The best way to clean the grease out of an oven is with a degreaser that is safe and won’t hurt you. Bowls of baking soda or vinegar might be used in place of the soap tray.

Q: Which degreaser is best for sealed stone?

Stone’s porous structure makes it best cleaned with a stone-specific cleaner. Liquid dish soap and hot water should suffice in the absence of a professional cleaner.

Q: How do heavy-duty degreasers work?

When you need to get rid of grime and grease that won’t budge, reach for a heavy-duty cleaner. This degreaser can be used at home or in the workplace.

Final Words

Cleaning grease and grime from the home can be done with a variety of degreasers. Some of them may be found in any local store, while others would necessitate travel. Before applying a degreaser, make sure you read the label and perform a test on a small, hidden area.

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