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Mattress hogs are specialized vacuums designed specifically for cleaning mattresses, beds, couches, and other upholstered furniture. Although most mattress vacuums are dedicated machines, multi-purpose vacuums with the right attachments can also do the job. Vacuuming should be done from the ceiling down, with special attention paid. The places along the walls and ceiling where the two surfaces meet. This is made possible by a variety of cleaning technologies, including high-frequency movements, UV lights, hot air blower, etc.

Moreover, in order to join in the cleaning process, vacuum cleaners for mattress are here to help. With the vast range of vacuum cleaners available in the market, the list here would help in filtering down your choice.

Why Use a Mattress Cleaner?

Mattress vacuums employ a number of processes to thoroughly clean and disinfect mattresses and related surfaces. Using a quality mattress vacuum or a decent quality carpet cleaning tool or attachment, it is crucial for better health and a more comfortable life. Regardless of whether you have allergies or related stories about dust mites, a single mattress may harbor anywhere from one million to over ten million mold spores in addition to various types of bed bugs.

With that, it is highly essential to use a mattress cleaner to aid in the mattress cleaning process. Additionally, here are some of the other reasons why using a mattress cleaner is crucial.

1-Gets Rid of Bad Odors

Are you frustrated by the lack of a logical explanation for the musty smell that has permeated your bedroom for so long? Many allergens, including bacteria, can interact to cause mold to grow in the mattress’s lining. By making it a habit to vacuum your mattress on a regular basis, you might stop strange smells from spreading through your home. The scents won’t be able to linger for long if you take this precaution.

2-Eliminates Bed Bugs

Lack of regular mattress cleaning allows dust mites and bed bugs to thrive. Sorry if you have allergies. There are possibly millions of particles of pet dander in a mattress that has never been cleaned, so why bother?

3-Deep Cleans Mattress

Mattress cleaners, which function much like conventional vacuum cleaners but are designed specifically for use on mattresses, are available to help you keep your bed clean. You may wonder why you need a special vacuum cleaner when a regular one will do the job. You’re not entirely wrong to think this way, but there is a catch. Regular floor vacuums don’t have the kind of precise suction needed to get all the dust out of a mattress.

Features and Functions of a Vacuum Cleaner for Beds and Mattresses

Mattress cleaners are basically just handheld vacuums with some extra features. The things you should look for are the same as those you would look for in any other handheld vacuum.

1-Air Filtration

Selecting a mattress cleaner without a genuine HEPA filter is not recommended. So, it can absorb even the smallest particles, with a capture rate of at least 99.97% for particles that are 0.3 microns in size. Particles as small as pollen or dust can be sucked up by these cleaners and expelled as clean air.

2-Power Source

Most vacuums designed to clean mattresses are corded appliances that draw power from a thin and short electrical connection. If you’re wondering why it’s called “short,” it’s because it’s usually much less than 15 or 20 feet in height. The power cable is thin enough that it can be coiled up and stored together with the cleaner when it is not in use.

When it comes to vacuuming mattresses in the home, I find that a power cord of 15 to 20 feet is more than sufficient. The rooms are sufficiently large for you to plug in your vacuum and let it run free. Some cordless vacuums that can be used for many things come with attachments for cleaning mattresses, but mattress-specific vacuums are rare.

If the large home vacuum has a washing hose that can be connected with extensions that are developed exclusively for cleaning mattresses, then it can be converted into a mattress vacuum with a power rating of up to or even more than 1400 W.

3-Bagged vs. Bagless

In general, vacuums designed specifically for use on mattresses do not come with bags. These vacuums often have tiny, see-through dirt containers. These mud mugs may be easily emptied into the trash and even scrubbed clean if necessary. It is not necessary for mattress vacuums to have very large dirt buckets because the dirt they remove is not particularly bulky.

4-Suction Strength

Large home vacuums can have a pressure of over 20 kPa, whereas small robot cleaners generally have a pressure of 1-2 kPa. This level of pressure is more than adequate for sucking anything living on the mattress’s surface and initial layer down the air current and into the dirt cup.

Suction of this strength is more than adequate for sucking up anything that might be floating around on the mattress’s surface and first layer and depositing it in the dirt cup below.

Some models feature a suction selector that lets you modify the suction strength, making them well-suited for cleaning surfaces that are especially sensitive to water or dust.


Mattress cleaners that get the job done right need to have beater pads and rotating brushes to get the bed truly clean. Unit’s vibrations travel deep into the surface, breaking down dirt into smaller pieces that can be sucked up by the vacuum.


As a rule, vacuums designed specifically for use on mattresses are small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. The portability and light weight of these tools allow for precise and effortless use whenever and wherever they are called for.

For instance, a cleaning wand or telescoping handle can be added to some mattress vacuums, allowing them to be used on other surfaces in addition to the mattress.

Tips for Using a Mattress Cleaner

These cleaning suggestions may help if you’re not sure how to get the most out of your mattress vacuum cleaner.

  • Cleaning is best done using a top-down approach, with special focus on the areas along the seams.
  • Clean the mattress’s flat surfaces with a vacuum equipped with a UV sanitizing light.
  • Simply using a mattress cleaning won’t do the trick. To prevent stains and eliminate unpleasant odors, you should use a spot treatment.
  • One should still use a mattress protector even if one has a mattress cleaner.

The Best Mattress/Bed Vacuum Cleaners List

With so many options, picking the “best” mattress vacuum cleaner can be challenging. After doing some research, though, it’s not hard to single out a few models that truly shine. Below is a list of them:

OUR TOP PICK: Dyson V7 Mattress Cleaner

The Dyson V7, one of the neatest vacuum cleaners for mattresses, kicks off our top picks. With its strong digital motor and user-friendly design, this vacuum can provide powerful suction for up to 20 minutes and at full blast for just 6 minutes.

Dyson is unique, but not because of its strong suction. A two-tiered radial cyclone system and whole-house HEPA filtration set the Dyson V7 apart from other compact vacuum cleaners on the market. With 15 cyclones set up in two concentric circles, fine dust is easily and effectively collected.


  • Comprised of a robust digital motor
  • Features a high-power mode (lasting 20 minutes) and a maximum-power mode (lasting 6 minutes).
  • Beyond mattress applications


Housemile Cordless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Mattresses that go untreated can become havens for allergens like dust mites and pests like bed bugs, as we’ve already described. If you live in a humid area, you significantly increase your odds of having a problem with these pests. Housemile’s portable vacuum cleaner was made with this scenario in mind.

The Housemile Mattress vacuum is more than just a suction pump. The animals it catches are also killed. You read that correctly. It serves as a vacuum cleaner and a sterilizer thanks to its cutting-edge UV tube. A strong UV light has been put inside the vacuum and sent out through the outside cell to kill pet dander and bed bugs.


  • Capable of sterilizing its tubes using ultraviolet light
  • Suction mouths on both ends
  • A product selected by

Euleven Hot Wind Holistic Mattress Vacuum

On average, 1 gram of dust is home to 1,000 dust mites. Some 60 percent of the allergens that set off various dust allergies are produced by the dust mites that live in your bedding and other upholstered items. Many breathing problems, like sneezing and asthma, can be traced back to the dust mites in your bed.

The experts at Euleven have developed a specialized vacuum alternative for dust mite infestations because of the far-reaching effects of this common household pest. As with the Housemile cleaner, the Euleven Hot Wind Cleaner is a portable appliance that includes a UV sterilization tube. All dust particles and bed bugs in the vacuum’s dust container are killed by UV rays and a warm air flow heated to 50 degrees Celsius.


  • Includes a heated air current and UV sterilization (55-degree centigrade)
  • The Pinnacle of Filtration Technology 
  • Low-weight and space-saving construction

Raycop Mattress Vacuum

The Raycop Lite Vacuum for Bedding might be the most advanced portable vacuum cleaner on the market right now. In addition, it has a UV light to kill any germs or bacteria right then and there, making it ideal for homes with pets or young children. Similar to traditional vacuums, this one uses ultraviolet light to eliminate allergens and bacteria. However, its UV wavelength has been calibrated and tested in a lab to prove that it works.

Findings demonstrate that even microscopic organisms like E. coli and Staphylococcus are killed by the UV activity of the Raycop vacuum cleaner. Pests such as germs and dust mites are killed in as little as one to two seconds of exposure.


  • Includes a precise UV sterilizer
  • Includes an extra vibrating pad
  • Amazon’s Choice Product

Sowtech Cordless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

All of the items we’ve discussed so far have the same major drawback, which is that they don’t come with any extension hoses for use in confined areas. Among all of them, the Sowtech Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner for Bedding stands out as a result of its unique design, which allows it to easily maneuver into and around tight, confined spaces. Sowtech’s vertical rod-shaped structure sets it apart from other handheld vacuum cleaners, which often have a horizontal or extended frame.

It also has six different extensions that let you use it with a wide range of media and surfaces. You can even clean the tiniest of crevices by using the included extension, which is designed to fit into even the tiniest of gaps. The Sowtech Rechargeable Vacuum for Bedding is not only one of the cheapest portable vacuums on the market, but its elongated shape also makes it some of the most comfortable to use.


  • Systematically promotes cyclones
  • Equipped with a high-capacity battery
  • Includes a variety of hose lengtheners (six in total).

Hoover Spotless Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Spotless Mattress Cleaner is another one that caught my eye. It cleans your mattress as well as you’d hope, and it doesn’t break the bank like some of the alternatives.

It has a twin tank system to keep clean and unclean water in separate compartments. The built-in self-cleaning function ensures that the hose is flushed after each use, eliminating any potential bacterial growth. An antibacterial tool and a rubber nub tool are included in the mattress cleaner set.


  • Between $90 and $100
  • The electricity comes from a corded outlet.
  • Power consumption: 420 watts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a true HEPA filter?

Many companies will try to trick you by using phrases like “HEPA-like” instead of “True HEPA,” so be on the lookout. Only true HEPA can promise to capture 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in size. People with allergies to dust, pollen, mildew, or animal dander can rest easy knowing that a true HEPA filter will catch only the smallest particles when vacuuming.

Q: How can I prevent dust mites?

Even though it may not be possible to get rid of all dust mites in your home, you can cut their numbers down by a lot. Clean the house on a regular basis and make it a habit. It’s not just the floor that needs frequent attention; the furniture, drapes, and even the mattress may all benefit from a good vacuuming.

Clean the hard floor as well. You could also think about purchasing a high-quality air purifier that has a pure HEPA filter.

Q: If you have allergies, how frequently should you vacuum?

The recommended frequency of vacuuming, according to experts, is twice per week. Due to this, allergens like dust, pollen, mold, mildew, and pet hair will be greatly reduced.

Q: Can UV Light Kill Dust Mites?

Well, there is a catch, so to speak. It takes longer than most people realize for dust mites to be killed by UV-C light, but the light is effective. Studies have shown that adult dust mites need to be exposed to direct UV-C radiation for one hour straight in order to be killed. The effectiveness of eliminating dust mites is also affected by how close they are to UV-C radiation.

Q: Why a vacuum for dust mites may not be for you?

There’s No Dust in Your System: Even though a dust-free home is still best, you might not need a pure HEPA filter if you don’t have allergies to dust or pet dander.

Assuming that you own a purifier: We’ve already established that dust mites don’t just hang around there. They can also exist in the air, on surfaces, or in pliable substances. For people who are sensitive to dust or dust mites, a filtration system, like a PECO or Molekule, is a great investment.

You Hire a Maid Service, and They Do: Even though you should still have a vacuum, you might not need an allergy-focused vacuum if you hire a service to clean your home regularly.

Bottom Line

Good mattress cleaners are plenty on the market, so before you buy the first one you see, do some research. A good mattress cleaner should have strong spinning brushes, an ultraviolet light to kill germs, a big water tank, and enough battery life to last through the whole cleaning process. After reading the list above, hope that it would be a big help for you in filtering down your choice for the best vacuum cleaner for mattress.

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