How Many Vacuums Do You Need? Find out Here!

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Not long ago, people used to have one vacuum for their homes. However, nowadays, most properties at least have two vacuum cleaners. That’s because houses today were more extensive than those built decades ago. But, you may be wondering, how many vacuums do you need?

Generally, modest households should at least have two vacuum cleaners to keep their spaces clean and hygienic. But it still depends on your flooring’s material, your floor’s foot traffic, and how ample your space is.

This post discusses how many vacuum cleaners to get, their advantages, and additional cleaning tips.

Why You Should Get a Vacuum Cleaner

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Before you find out how many vacuums you need, understand why you should get a vacuum cleaner in the first place:

✔️ Saves You Time and Energy

Vacuum cleaners save you plenty of time and energy, keeping your space clean and hygienic. They can clean your entire home within minutes, which is better than sweeping it for hours! With this, you’ll be able to do other essential tasks at home.

✔️ Easy to Use

Manufacturers made vacuum cleaners so easy to use that even children can use them! Once plugged in, you’re ready to go and vacuum your floors!

✔️ Improve Your Physical Health

Studies have proven that using a vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to exercise your body. After all, it keeps you focused on the task than the dull physical effort you exert. Hence, vacuuming your floors also demands you to use some energy and shed a sweat. But remember, only when you vacuum often you’ll be able to improve your physical health.

✔️ Removes Allergens from the air

Among the primary applications of vacuum cleaners is to suck up allergens from the air. They use HEPA, a filter that blocks pollutants and other airborne pathogens. As a result, they help you make the atmosphere within your home more breathable. 

✔️ Sucks Up Pet Dander

As loving as our furry pets can be, removing their fur can be challenging. Luckily, vacuum cleaners have made it more manageable, helping you quickly eliminate pet hairs and the odor that come with them!

✔️ Saves Money Over Time

As pricy as some vacuum cleaners can be upfront, they’ll be able to save you more money over time. After all, most models can last over a decade or longer, depending on how you care for the vacuum. They use little energy and don’t need regular upkeep and maintenance.

✔️ Helps with Your Mental Health

Cluttered and messy homes are enough to make some individuals feel depressed. And what better way to tidy up your space than with a vacuum cleaner?

Studies have proven that vacuuming has many positive effects on stress levels. Vacuum cleaners make cleaning more manageable, improving your mood in no time.

✔️ Lets You Clean Your Home Even When You’re Away

Robotic vacuum cleaners can keep your home spic and span even when you’re miles away! 

How Many Vacuums Do You Need?

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From tackling specialized tasks to streamlining cleaning — different vacuums have various uses. If you’re still unconvinced, here are reasons why having many vacuum cleaners is best:

❎ No Single Vacuum Cleaner Can do Everything

As advanced as many vacuum cleaners are today, no one model can do everything! For instance, some vacuums can be the best at cleaning carpets but can’t remove dust from wood floors. You get the gist. 

Hence, settling with at least two vacuum cleaners is best to make it easier. 

Vacuum cleaners have different primary shapes, each having various functions. Here are a few vacuums to consider:

? Handheld Vacuum 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are best for reaching hard-to-reach spots that need cleaning. As their name suggests, you can hold this vacuum model with one hand. Its flexibility allows you to suction dirt and debris in tight places easily. But only get this if you have many hard-to-reach spots at home. After all, handheld vacuums don’t serve well for cleaning floors!

? Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums are the perfect mix of upright and stick vacuum cleaners. They’re as powerful as upright vacuums but boast a thin frame, like those with stick vacuums! And what’s unique about these cleaners is that they have an attached canister to a long wand. 

? Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuums offer the most powerful clean-up for homes, providing many benefits. They’re easy to operate and work on both carpeted and bare floors!

? Stick Vacuum

Although stick vacuums aren’t as powerful as their peers, they’re perfect for hard-to-reach spots! They have a knack for squeezing into narrow areas and doing an excellent job on hardwood flooring, area rugs, and light carpets.

As their name suggests, stick vacuums feature an extended stick-like handle and a thin frame. And besides its function, this vacuum cleaner is famous for its compact design. 

? Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums roam around your home and suck up all dirt and debris it goes through. They save you time and can reach hard-to-reach spots larger vacuum models can’t go through. And the best part is, you can use robot vacuums to clean your floors even when you’re not around!

? Backpack Vacuum

As its name suggests, backpack vacuum cleaners are designed to be worn like backpacks. And it’s excellent for individuals who experience back pain. After all, constant ducking with regular vacuum cleaners can be tiring. But beware, as convenient as backpack vacuum cleaners are, they aren’t very powerful.

❎ Portability Can be an Issue

If you live in a multi-story home, you likely don’t want to strain yourself by lugging your heavy vacuum upstairs! So, you can see why getting more than one vacuum cleaner in this instance is crucial. Having one vacuum on each floor saves you plenty of time and energy when cleaning your floors. 

It’s also imperative if you have restricted mobility or can’t carry the heavy vacuum cleaner up and down your home.

✅ Size Does Matter

Large upright vacuum cleaners are best for cleaning floors but are the worst at reaching hard-to-reach spots. Meanwhile, tiny handheld vacuums do wonders for tighter areas. And some vacuum models have separate lift-off vacuums, which are ideal for even smaller places.

❎ Pets Can be a Problem

You need a specialized vacuum cleaner if you have a furry pet at home. Some newer vacuum cleaners feature designs made for pet dander, and there are perfect if you have a pet at home.

Additional Tips When Using Vacuum Cleaners

person vacuuming carpeted floor

✔️ Do It Twice or More

It’s best to vacuum several times in one spot to pull up all dust and debris from your floors. Aside from that, I also recommend going over these areas from different directions. Doing this removes the stuck particles better.

This tip is especially vital for dealing with problematic pet fur and dander daily. After all, we all know how challenging it is to remove stuck pet hair from our carpets, rugs, and furniture. And sometimes extreme situations force you to run over these areas at least 10x!

But remember, this isn’t only necessary if you have pets. Even if you don’t have a furry buddy around, it’s still best to go over your floors several times.

✔️ Set a Schedule

Another crucial cleaning tip when vacuuming your floors is to set a schedule and stick to it. Whether you choose a specific day of the week, following a routine and sticking to it ensures a clean space!

In most houses, vacuuming at least once a week is enough. But high traffic spots of a home may need more attention. Aside from that, if you have furry pets that shed often, you likely need to vacuum your floors more than once a week.

✔️ Change the Vacuum’s Bag or Empty its Canister Often

Never let your vacuum bag or canister become full. After all, this can only lead to disaster! So, whether you have a bagless or bagged vacuum, keep an eye on how full it is!

Bagless vacuum cleaners let you see how full their container is from one look. And though it’s not necessary to empty a bagless vacuum cleaner before cleaning, it’s best. After all, starting your vacuuming with an empty canister can make it more efficient. 

Once your bagged vacuum bag is three-quarters full, change it ASAP. Waiting too long can clog the hose or other parts, damaging your vacuum cleaner.

Remember, no matter what vacuum you have, always keep an eye out for its bag or canister! Once it becomes too full, you won’t be able to clean your floors as well.

✔️ Spot Treat

As convenient as vacuum cleaners are, they can’t remove stains! So, if you spill something on your carpets or rugs, treat them ASAP to reduce the chances of a long-term stain. When you see stains on your mat during vacuuming, treat them using a spot cleaner before you finish up. 

Doing that guarantees your carpet stays pristine, improving the result of your vacuuming.

✔️ Use the Right Setting

Another tip that can help you vacuum better is ensuring you’re using the proper settings. Many vacuums have various settings that let you adjust based on the flooring. For instance, if you have a fluffy carpet, you’ll need to use a different setting than if you were cleaning wooden floors.

Aside from that, you should also adjust your vacuum cleaner’s setting based on the surface height of your floor. Doing this ensures you get the best suction, cleaning your floors more efficiently.

✔️ Prioritize Hard-to-Clean Spots

Some spots in your home can be more challenging to vacuum than the next. And these include your closet or stairs. So, as tempting as it is to clean the open places, it’s better to focus your time on hard-to-reach spots, especially if they experience high traffic.

I recommend using your vacuum attachment when vacuuming the stairs. Doing this helps you clean the crevices and edge of the space while preventing you from carrying the heavy vacuum cleaner everywhere. Aside from that, these vacuum attachments may also offer a deep clean. 

✔️ Keep Your Vacuum On Even When You Leave the Room

Only consider this cleaning tip if you’re using a HEPA vacuum cleaner. They’re excellent in removing allergens and dust circulating in your indoor air. You can use these specialized vacuum cleaners to freshen up a room in your home. Leaving them on for a few minutes after you finish vacuuming can make any room look, smell, and feel cleaner. 

But remember to remove the hose when leaving it running. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I get several vacuum cleaners for my home?

A: If you have a house with various surfaces, like carpeted and wooden floors, you’ll need many vacuums. After all, each vacuum cleaner specializes in different tasks, keeping your flooring clean! At best, you should at least have two vacuum cleaners for your convenience. 

Q: How many robotic vacuum cleaners should I get for my house?

A: Since modern robot vacuums can’t climb through the stairs, having one for each floor is ideal. Most run on dedicated apps, connecting up to 10 robot vacuums simultaneously. But remember to discard them properly to get the most out of your money!

Q: Should I buy a vacuum cleaner for each home floor?

A: If you’re considering buying robot vacuums, getting one for each house floor is ideal. Meanwhile, if you want to get conventional models, having one should be enough if you have one type of floor. But if you have carpet, wood, or tiled floors, get at least two vacuum cleaners for your convenience. 

Q: How often should I vacuum my floors?

A: Generally, you should vacuum your floors at least once a week. For instance, if you live with several occupants in the house, vacuum at least twice a week or more. But if you live alone or with a spouse, and it’s just you two, doing it once a week should be enough.

Q: Can vacuuming my floors too much ruin them?

A: Vacuuming your floors multiple times a week shouldn’t damage them. And yes, this applies to carpets as they can handle the suction without sustaining damage. Meanwhile, leaving dirt and other debris on your floors can break down the surface. So, the dirtier your flooring is, the more damage it’ll accumulate!

Final Words

How many vacuums do you need? No matter how expansive or compact your property is, you’ll need at least two vacuum cleaners. After all, each vacuum specializes in various tasks, making it easier to clean your floors. Still, how many you get depends on how dirty your flooring can get, the type of floor surface you have, and your budget!

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