How To Clean A Glass Table Without Streaks

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Glass tables are currently in demand due to their aesthetic and sleek design. But to maintain its great features, you need to know how to properly clean it! And one thing that most glass table owners are experiencing is glass streaks after cleaning! So how to prevent these streaks? Let’s find out by reading this blog!

Best Household Cleaning Products To Use For Streak-Free Glass Table Cleaning

You don’t need to buy a new glass table! You can still save your table from stains and streaks by using any of the following:

? White vinegar and water

These agents are the most common and powerful household cleaners because they can combat any stains. If you are having issues with glass streaks after cleaning, you can try white vinegar and water. Just mix equal amounts of both water and vinegar and use a spray bottle to disseminate fine drops of the mixture. Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe your glass table using one direction.

? Rubbing alcohol and water

Another combination that you can use is rubbing alcohol mixed with water. These household agents are great especially if your glass table is greasy. Mix equal parts and apply the mixture to your microfiber cloth. Wipe thoroughly, using a circular motion at first to break down the grease and dirt. Then, wipe again using one direction.

? Glass cleaner

If you have a glass table, you probably have glass cleaner! And if you don’t have one, make sure to buy something with a “streak-free cleaning” label. This type of cleaner generally doesn’t have to be diluted with any chemicals or even water. If you use a glass cleaner, you can directly apply it to the surface!

? Baking soda and water

If your glass table has hard stains but you don’t want to scratch it, baking soda is the best cleaner! Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can remove tough grime without damaging the surface of your glass table. And if you think that your baking soda is too coarse, you can apply a little bit of water to break down your baking soda into a fine paste.

? Lemon juice and water

If you already used any of the household cleaners but you still smell something coming from your glass table, then lemon juice is what you need. Lemon juice is a powerful deodorizer and provides a citrusy scent on your table. You can dilute it with water so that the solution is not too acidic to damage the surface of your glass table.

? Club soda

Club soda is also a magical cleaner because it can remove stains and grime on any surface. You can apply it directly on your table and wipe it thoroughly, especially the edges.

? Baby oil

If your problem is only stains, you can use baby oil. This common household agent is great not only in breaking down grime, but also provides long-lasting protection on your glass table. But remember, if your table is already greasy, you can try the other cleaning agents mentioned above.

? Newspaper

If you’re wondering how newspapers can help, here’s the answer! Newspaper can act as an absorbent. So any liquidy residue can be absorbed with a piece of newspaper. Not only that, stains can also be easily removed if you use a crumpled newspaper!

Take note, tables made out of glass are very sensitive. So before you choose any of the household cleaners listed above, make sure to try it first in a small spot before overdamping your table with household cleaners!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Glass Tables

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Before we reveal the tips for cleaning glass tables, let’s list down first the common mistakes most household owners do when cleaning.

? Abrasive cleaners

Sometimes, we tend to focus on tough stains that’s why we usually use abrasive cleaners. But these types of cleaners are the major suspect in damaging any type of surface. That’s why if you notice, your glass table becomes cloudy and dull after using an abrasive cleaner.

? Overwet

Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to use gallons of water. If you overwet glass tables, the excess water will only travel to its seams and will damage the interior of your table.

? Direct sunlight

It’s not advisable to clean a glass table under direct sunlight. This is because it will only dry the cleaner rapidly causing streaks and residues.

? Rinsing

It’s alright to use commercial cleaners when cleaning glass tables. But make sure to rinse your table before and after using commercial cleaners! This is because cleaner residues can result in a cloudy glass table afterward.

? Dusting

Do not be aggressive in cleaning your glass tables. There are steps to do it and dusting is one of the most critical steps. If you do not dust your glass table, it will only result in mud-like residues and can destroy the aesthetic appeal of your glass table.

Tips To Prevent Streaks When Cleaning Glass Tables

Having streaks after cleaning your glass table is often a result of wrong cleaning steps. So to prevent streaks, follow these tips:

? Soft cloth

The type of cloth or fabric you are using greatly affects the results of your cleaning. It is important to use a microfiber cloth that is absorbent to prevent leaving any residues and can result in glass streaks.

? Apply the cleaner to the cloth

When using any type of cleaner, keep in mind that you need to apply it to the cloth instead on the surface. This method will prevent the waste of cleaner and you will have better control over how much cleaner will be used. If you apply a cleaner directly to the glass surface, it can cause etching or discoloration and will damage your glass table over time.

? Cleaning direction

Use a single direction when wiping your glass table. If your table has already streaks, wipe by following the direction of the streaks to prevent spreading them in other parts of your glass table.

? Dry the surface

After you clean the table, dry it completely. If you leave your glass table with a little bit of moisture, it can attract dust again and will result in water spots. 

Proper Care For Glass Tables

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? Clean regularly

Don’t wait for the dust to pile up on your glass table before cleaning it! Having a consistent cleaning schedule will prevent glass streaks because there will be lesser dust and grime at the time of cleaning it!

? Use coasters and placemats

One thing that most of us forget is to use coasters and placemats. They may look like just aesthetic instruments, but they do a lot. Coasters and placemats protect your glass tables from scratches and streaks. They also protect your glass table from temperature damage like when you place a hot cup or beverage that is too cold. Temperature alterations can cause your glass table to crack so using a placemat or coaster can save your glass tables from this damage.

? Direct sunlight

As mentioned, glass tables are sensitive to temperature. Some of us like to place a glass table where light rays are to disseminate beautiful dreamy aesthetic lighting all over the place. But this is not advisable. Light or sunrays can cause glass discoloration and can damage the surface of the glass table. So in case it’s inevitable to place it near any sun rays, apply window and glass treatments to protect your table.

Final Words

In conclusion, cleaning glass tables will maintain its longevity and aesthetic appeal. By following the tips above, you can ensure having beautiful and functional glass tables for years to come. And if you see some scratches, it’s better to let professional glass cleaners handle this problem.

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