Revealing 5 of the Best Mop Robot for Hardwood Floors

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Presently, since we have robot vacuums, we can clean our houses without even being there. Once you’ve established a routine for your robot vacuum to sweep your floor, all you have to do to come home to bare feet is pick the best robot mop for your flooring. A good robot mop won’t leave your floors sparkling clean, but it will pick up splatters and some filth. With that, it will become a useful, low-effort tool for tidying up high-traffic areas like the house, bathroom, and mudroom. 

A robot mop may make quick work of floor cleaning, freeing you up from what was once tedious labor. In order to assist you in making an informed purchase, this post has compiled information about the five top-rated robot mops for hardwood floors.

What to Expect from a Robot Mop?

As a recently invented tool, a robot mop is expected to be a high-quality item. Along with that, there are advantages that come with using a robot mop for hardwood floors.

✅ Hassle-free Scrubbing

To avoid the hassle of manually pushing a mop and scrubbing away at dried-on food particles and filth, consider investing in a robot mop as an almost-automatic alternative to a spray mop. In high-traffic, extra-messy areas like kitchens, baths, mudrooms, and entryways, bots prove particularly effective for keeping a consistent, minimum degree of cleanliness. 

✅ Less-Time Consuming Floor Cleaning

If you use a bot on a regular basis, your floors will be nearly always clean and free of stains, and you won’t have to worry about making time to wash them yourself. Sometimes, the robot mop just can’t get to an area (like an edge) or give it a good enough scrub that you need to break out the old-fashioned mop and bucket (like grout lines). However, you will be able to put off that time-consuming deep cleaning for far longer with the robot than you would have been able to before. 

✅ Ease of Installation

An effective robotic mop for hardwood floors should also be simple to install and not require constant supervision. Each one has its own unique way of navigating your home, so choosing the right one for you will ultimately come down to your preferences and the design of your property. 

✅ Effective on Protected Floor Areas

Robot mops, like other wet-mopping tools that use water or mild detergent, can be used on most protected bare floor surfaces such as polished hardwood, coated rock tile, laminated vinyl, and linoleum.

Best Robotic Sweepers that are Ideal for Hardwood Floors

In 2022, the following robot vacuums for wooden flooring are the best recommendations:

OUR TOP PICK: iRobot Roomba j7+

Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for cleaning up hair
  • With suction power
  • Credible battery life
  • Good for deep cleaning

Even though the latest Roomba does a decent job of cleaning (in fact, it’s probably the best we’ve seen), the real benefit for people who are careful about their hardwood floors is in its ability to avoid obstacles. In order to avoid minor impediments (less than four inches), the j7+ makes use of a brand-new PrecisionVision navigation camera. You should acquire this robot mop if you’re worried about your pet’s waste spreading or a sharp Lego piece being carried across the floor.

It can go about on dark flooring thanks to its keen sense of sight. The j7+ is not the right vacuum for thick rugs. However, it cleans reliably on hard floors and carpets thanks to Dirt Detection, which initiates a series of cleaning runs in areas with heavy dirt buildup. As a result of the length of the rubber brush rolls, long hair is less likely to become tangled. With the same 60-day capacity, it empties onto a smaller auto-empty dock.

Incredible sensitivity on both carpet and hardwood A bit too loud, particularly when it’s emptying its trash
It protects automatically from pet mess. Larger objects can be dispersed with the help of the side brush
Self-emptying Problematic battery indicator


? Shark IQ Robot XL

The Shark IQ Robot XL is a superb choice if you need a robot mop that empties its own bin. The self-emptying base alone makes the $600 price tag (sometimes less because it’s often on sale) an absolute steal. Instead of randomly bumping around the house, this ingenious shark first maps the entire space and then cleans it in orderly, meticulous rows

You can direct it to only clean specific areas, or you can let it clean wherever it pleases. The Shark understands when its limited battery life has expired, so it automatically returns to its charging station before finishing the task.

Includes a brush roll and a base that clean themselves without the need for a bag The typical battery’s performance
Home mapping with virtual no-go zones, cleaning schedules, and more Possible rise in output volume

? Roborock S7 

Most self-proclaimed hybrids’ mopping functions do little more than circulate water. Roborock’s latest convertible is a very well-executed beast in both wet and dry conditions. iRobot’s Braava Jets and its series of self-emptying vacuums that don’t mop placed in danger when the Roborock released its auto-empty dock in 2021.

The S7 is soft on linoleum and tile but tough on dirt, and it works just as well on hardwood floors. Light footprints near the entrance or adhesive spillage in the kitchen can be cleaned with sonic scrubbing, with additional runs over larger puddles. The S7 is one of the few robot mops that recognizes the presence of a rug and immediately stops spraying water to focus on navigating the tufts.

Outstanding efficiency as a mopper Pricey
Superb carpet and hard floor cleaning abilities  
Raises mop when finished cleaning to preserve sanitary conditions  
Excellent utility  

? Yeedi Vac Station 

Yeedi’s hands-free wet/dry cleaning and auto-emptying are usually high-priced feature sets, yet this model does it all for less than $400. Even with rough edges like only being able to store a map of one story at a time, the existence of floor mopping is remarkable at such a reasonable price point. Though with unsteady navigation, the app’s ability to zero in on certain rooms and create virtual borders makes it worthwhile.


Successful cleaning in every way This mop might use some work.
Does a good job of mopping  

? Bissell Spinwave 

The Bissell Robotic SpinWave is more aggressive on dry floors in two ways than competing hybrids. Its two spinning fiber cloth attachments scrape (unlike the gentle drag of a stationary pad) and can be used with a wood-specific cleaning solution instead of water. The SpinWave doesn’t create a map of your house or respect virtual borders, but you can rely on its soft contact avoidance sensors to keep rugs and carpets dry as it mops. While this isn’t the best robot for removing thick pet hair, the high amount of dry suction makes low pile maintenance a realistic goal.

Useful for both light and heavy sweeping It may be difficult to maintain command.
Lightweight and self-propelled to ease the strain on the back Possibly leaving behind splotchy or wave patterns.
Rotating head Bissell cleaning solution or water alone is permitted.
With its dual sweeping heads, this mop can quickly and thoroughly clean any floor.  

What to Look for in a Quality Robot Mop?

When shopping for a robotic mop for hardwood floors, it’s important to think about the area’s square footage, the mop’s cleaning capabilities, and its battery life, among other factors. Think about the following features and capabilities that set apart the top robot mops from the rest of the market before making your final decision.

1-Cleaning Mode

It is important to think about the many cleaning options available when selecting a mopping robot. Each choice may provide a unique set of cleaning modes, although all of the following are usually accessible.

◈ Wet Mopping

The robot mop sprays a lot of cleaning solution on the floor and goes over it several times to ensure a thorough cleaning. Because of the increased risk of slipping and falling while the mop is set to clean, it is advised to avoid walking through the area while it is cleaning.

Damp Sweeping

Wet mopping is more labor-intensive and leaves a messier floor than damp mopping or sweeping. A model with a damp mop mode is ideal for use on moisture-sensitive floorings, such as wood, because it sprays only a small amount of liquid onto the floor at a time.

Dry Floor Mopping

A single pass with the mop over the floor removes dirt and dust and collects any moisture left behind by dry mopping or sweeping. Wet mopping or wet sweeping can be followed by one of these cycles to speed up the drying process, or you can use it whenever your floors just need a quick dusting. Vacuuming can occur in tandem with the drying mopping or sweep operation, or as a dedicated vacuum mode, on some hybrid machines.

2-Battery Life

How long a battery-powered robot mop can work before needing to be recharged is a key specification for such devices. A robot mop’s battery life can be 30 minutes or it might be 200.  Try to get a robotic mop that really cleans for at least 60 minutes on a single battery charge, so you won’t have to constantly plug it in. Consider the possibility that battery performance degrades slightly after each recharge.

Most robot mops require charging, which is done with a special dock that comes with most models. When their power is getting low, some of them will head back to the dock by themselves, while others will need to be brought there by hand. Some automatic sweeping machines lack a docking station. These have a detachable battery that needs to be charged using the accompanying wall charger.

3-Coverage Area

The coverage area is the total square feet of floor that can be cleaned by a robot mop in one go around. Both the model and cleaning mode determine the range, which can be anything between 100 and 1,000 sq ft. Wet cleaning and damp sweeping often cover less space in a single wash cycle than dry mopping and dry sweeping do.

Calculate the required minimum covering area by multiplying the floor space of the floor to be cleaned by 100. Don’t make a phone purchase solely on coverage alone, though. The effectiveness of a robotic mop’s cleaning depends on a number of things.

4-Cleaning Power

Some robot mops have their own water tanks for wet mopping, but even those without one can still achieve a satisfactory level of cleanliness with regular manual dampening of the mopping pads. Those using water tanks can either spray the cleaning solution onto the floor in advance of the device or slowly drip the substance onto the mop pads. Water storage tanks on board increase the efficiency with which spills can be cleaned.

Standardized mop heads are made of microfiber fabric pads. The efficiency of mopping depends on how the mophead is used. Some of these machines merely move the wet mop across the floor, while others use a rotating or spinning mophead to scour the surface. For even more scrubbing power, certain models’ microfiber mop heads are equipped with brushes.

5-Additional Features

There are robot mops available, some with simple functionality and others with more advanced functions. Cleaning performance, independence, and user-friendliness are all enhanced by certain new features. Some examples of these supplementary functions are provided below.


Robot mops may encounter impediments, including furniture or stairs, although most models are equipped with sensors to avoid them. Modern versions include sensors smart enough to limit cleaning to specified regions of the floor.

Cleaning Schedule

Nowadays, you may arrange your cleaning at a time and date of your choosing with the help of advanced robot mops. This convenient add-on can be used to clean the floors while you’re gone from the house. If the robot doesn’t have this feature, it must be started manually, which can be useful if it gets trapped and needs to be freed.

Controlling Technique

Most models feature start/stop/navigate buttons either on the mop itself or on a remote. Controlling more sophisticated gadgets can be done by an app on a smartphone or by voice. This can be helpful if you need to clean a small area or if the mop isn’t within reach.

Edge Access

As long as there aren’t any obstacles in the way, most robot mops can clean within corners as well. While the majority of these devices are round, square variants have the advantage of being easier to access from a corner.

Waste Management

Cleaning robots are most effective when given a clean surface to work on. Both can be done by a hybrid, and some even have self-cleaning trash compactors. The dirt gathered by the mop pads during cleaning is easily disposed of after the task is completed.

Automatic Timer

Most robotic mops have a safety feature that disables them after a certain amount of time. In order to prevent further damage, the device will turn off automatically if the power runs out, the water tank is empty, or the unit becomes caught in something, such as a shredded dog toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To what extent is it possible to explain the operation of a robotic mop?

The sensors and software in a robot mop help it plot the most direct and effective course for cleaning the floor. The majority of these devices come with their own cleaning solution tank, which is either soaked up by the mop pad or sprayed in front of the machine as it rolls. Although some can only be managed via remote, many modern smart home gadgets now allow for operation by mobile app or voice command.

Q: Can robot mops clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors that have been finished are a good candidate for use with some robot mops. Check your model’s handbook just to be sure.

Q: Can carpets be mopped with a robot mop?

Carpets may be cleaned with a variety of hybrid robot vacuum/mop equipment. For in-depth guidance on using your gadget, consult its handbook. Unfortunately, you can’t use the mop attachment on carpets or rugs, so that feature is pretty much useless.

Q: Does my robot mop also vacuum?

The majority of autonomous sweeping devices also function as vacuums.

Q: Does the floor need to be swept before I use the robot mop?

Absolutely. Remove large bits of dirt and debris from your hard floors by sweeping or vacuuming them first.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that purchasing a robot mop is a fantastic way to improve the quality of your life at home. Why waste your energy on a never-ending round of cleaning that never seems to end? The time you save by using a robot mop or another house cleaning robot can be better spent doing other things you enjoy, such as spending time with your loved ones or engaging in a favorite hobby.

With any luck, you’ll find this detailed analysis of robotic sweeping to be helpful as you make what is a serious financial commitment. There’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up over a purchase only to be let down once you get it in your hands. This is where the results of our intensive research and review come in.

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