What Cleaning Products Are Safe for Dogs?

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Do you want to know what cleaning products are safe for dogs? Perhaps you’ve been planning your cleaning routine and want to ensure that you’re using products that won’t harm your furry friend. It’s important to be aware of what types of cleaning agents are safe for dogs, as certain products can cause serious health problems if a dog comes into contact with them.

In this post, we’ll discuss what cleaning products are safe for dogs and how to use them safely. So that you can have a spotless house without worrying about your pup’s well-being.

The Risk of Chemical Cleaners For Dogs 

what cleaning products are safe for dogs

Many people use chemical cleaners to help get the job done, but they don’t realize that these chemicals can be more harmful than helpful. Let’s look at some risks associated with using chemical cleaners around your beloved pooch. 

⚠️The Effects on Skin and Eyes 

Chemicals like bleach, laundry detergent, and other cleaning products can cause significant irritation and damage to dog skin and eyes if they come into contact with them. This is especially true for dogs and cats with sensitive skin or those prone to allergies.

Even if you dilute these products according to the instructions on the bottle. They can still be dangerous when used in excess or around an area where your dog spends a lot of time (like their bedding).

If you must use these kinds of products in areas where your pup has access, rinse the area thoroughly after cleaning and keep them away until it has dried completely. 

⚠️Toxicity Risk

Inhaling certain chemicals can also lead to severe health issues for dogs. Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in some cleaning products can cause respiratory distress, skin irritation, vomiting, and even death in some cases.

In order to avoid this kind of risk, always make sure you’re using products specifically designed for pets and those formulated without harsh chemicals or VOCs. Additionally, never mix different cleaning products—it can create a toxic gas that’s hazardous to people and pets! 

⚠️Environmental Impact

Finally, there’s also the environmental impact of using chemical cleaners around your home. These chemicals often end up running off into our waterways. This means they are being expose to whatever toxins were used in the cleaning process, even if it was just one drop!

In order to reduce your environmental impact while still getting your house sparkling clean, opt for natural cleaning options such as vinegar or baking soda instead of harsh chemical solutions whenever possible. 

Cleaning Products That Are Harmful to Dogs

what cleaning products are safe for dogs

As mentioned, various cleaning products can be dangerous for dogs. Some of the most commonly used ones include:


Ammonia is commonly found in glass and window cleaners, hard-surface cleaners, and rust removers. It’s also used as a degreaser and is often added to laundry detergents. Unfortunately, ammonia can cause severe damage if ingested by a dog or inhaled in large quantities.

Symptoms of ammonia poisoning include vomiting, drooling, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, and seizures.

Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers are solvents utilizes in many multi-purpose cleaners and carpet cleaners. These chemicals can irritate a dog’s skin, eyes, and respiratory system if they come into contact with them directly or through inhalation. The symptoms of glycol ether poisoning in dogs include coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.


Many household cleaning products contain fragrances derived from synthetic chemicals such as phenol derivatives or phthalates which can be toxic for dogs if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Symptoms of fragrance poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of coordination, and seizures.

Chlorine Bleach

It is one of the most common household cleaners. Still, it can be extremely dangerous for dogs if ingested or inhaled in large quantities due to its corrosive properties.

Ingestion of chlorine bleach can result in severe burns on the throat and esophagus, while inhalation of its fumes may cause coughing fits and difficulty breathing in dogs and humans.

Benzalkonium Chloride 

Benzalkonium chloride is an active ingredient in many household cleaners, such as window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and other disinfectants. It is a surfactant that can irritate when it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. If ingested by your pet, it can result in serious discomfort and even vomiting. To protect your dog from benzalkonium chloride poisoning, you should avoid using these types of cleaners around them and keep them away from areas where these cleaners are. 

Hydrogen Peroxide 

It can be utilize as an antiseptic or disinfectant for cuts and scrapes due to its ability to kill bacteria on contact. However, ingested by your dog can cause stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting. Additionally, it is recognize to cause damage to the lining of the stomach. As well as irritation in the dog’s esophagus. You should always keep hydrogen peroxide out of the reach of your pets at all times. 


Phenol is another common ingredient in many household cleanings products such as toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners, bleaches, drain cleaners, oven cleaners,s and furniture polish. This dangerous chemical can be highly toxic if swallowed by humans or animals. Due to its corrosive properties when exposed to the skin or eyes. Ingestion of phenol can lead to severe abdominal pain and possible organ failure in some cases. So it’s best avoided by keeping your pet away from any area containing this chemical.  


Formaldehyde is another poisonous chemical commonly found in many cleaning products. Including air fresheners and aerosol sprays, which often contain formaldehyde-based preservatives called parabens.

When breathed in or ingested, this toxin can lead to respiratory issues. Such as coughing or wheezing along with skin irritation if it comes into direct contact with the skin while performing these household tasks.

These are just a few of the many dangerous chemicals that may be found in common household cleaning products. So it’s important to always read the label before using any product around your pet. If you suspect your pet has been exposed to any of these toxins. Contact your vet or animal poison control immediately for assistance.

What Cleaning Products Are Safe for Dogs?

Fortunately, many household cleaning products on the market are safe to use around your pet. Below are some of the proven and tested products you can use without any worry:

✔️Organic, Natural Cleaners 

Organic and natural cleaners are made using plant-based ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. Making them non-toxic to animals and humans. They are also free of harmful chemicals and pollutants that could be harmful to your pet if ingested.

For example, warm water with dish soap works great for spot-cleaning carpets or furniture. While a mixture of vinegar and water can be used as a pet safe floor cleaner.

✔️Biological Cleaning Products 

Biological cleaners contain enzymes that break down organic matter like urine, vomit, feces, and food spills. These cleaners are an excellent choice for many pet owners. As they’re safe to use around your pets and can even help break down unwanted odors lingering in your home.

✔️Steam Cleaners 

Using a steam cleaner is a great way to sanitize surfaces around the house without resorting to chemical-laden cleaners. Steam cleaners use hot water and vapor to help clean and sanitize surfaces, killing any bacteria that may be present. They’re also safe to use around your pet as no harmful chemicals are involved.

✔️Baking Soda 

Baking soda is an extremely effective cleaner that’s been used for decades. It can be used to clean almost any surface in your home, from countertops and windows to carpets and upholstery. Baking soda has natural deodorizing properties, making it perfect for eliminating unpleasant stain and odor around your home.

✔️Unscented Wipes

Unscented wipes made from bamboo fibers are an excellent choice. As these will be free from harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritations or worse.

Furthermore, these wipes are 100% tree-free, sustainable and compostable, meaning they can be used without compromising the planet. These wipes contain sustainable power that is powerful enough to keep your home clean and safe for you and your pet.

With these safe cleaning products in mind, you can rest assured that your pet is protected from any harsh chemicals or toxins when it comes to keeping your home clean and fresh.

Pet Safe Cleaning Products on the Market

Aside from the cleaning products mentioned above, several cleaning products are safe for dogs on the market. These products are designed specifically with pets in mind and have been tested and approved as being safe to use around them. Some of these include:

Method Squirt + Mop

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Maintaining clean floors is essential for both a well-kept home and pet safety. Discovered an ideal product for achieving both in one: Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner.

Its non-toxic, plant-based ingredients effectively remove dirt and grime with a quick mop and no need to rinse. The light Lemon Ginger scent adds a pleasant aroma while you work. One drawback is that refills aren’t available, but the solution yields robust results with just one bottle. You will be confident that your pup won’t suffer any ill effects from your newfound cleaning companion.

HAUS Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish 

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HAUS Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish is a premium product designed to keep natural stone surfaces. Looking like new while providing a safe environment for kids and pets.

The high-quality ingredients in this cleaner help to restore and protect surface edges, seams, and joints. Leaving them looking polished and sparkling with no residue behind. With easy application, this cleaner can be used on granite countertops, marble, quartz, and slate. And other stone surfaces to remove stubborn buildup without unpleasant stain and odor, or chemical abrasives.

For those looking for a pet-friendly cleaning product that provides superior performance and protection. HAUS Naturals Granite Cleaner + Polish is an excellent option.

Zero Odor Odor Eliminator – Multi-Purpose

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As Pet parents, keeping our furry family safe and healthy is important. That’s why it’s great to hear those pet-safe cleaning products. Like the Zero Odor Odor Eliminator, are becoming more widely available on the market.

This product utilizes molecular technology and is the best choice for multi-purpose cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom, closet, and even fabrics requiring skunk odor removal. Even better is that it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-allergenic and contains no bleach or chlorine. Helping prevent odors from ever building up in the first place.

The product has been tested and approved by veterinarians, making it a safe option for pet owners. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one cleaning solution that is pet friendly. And works to keep your home smelling fresh, the Zero Odor Odor Eliminator is worth considering.

Nature Clean – Strips for Toilet Bowls

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Nature Clean Strips for Toilet Bowls are a must-have for the finest pet-safe cleaning products available on the market. Eco-friendly, bleach and chlorine-free, they provide deep and thorough cleaning while leaving no marks.

Plus, as an added bonus, these strips help you reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of your cleaning needs. Perfect for pet owners who need a reliable cleaning solution that won’t harm their beloved companions.

RepelWell – Formula Sprays 

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The high-quality pet safe cleaning products on the market today will make your life much easier. One of the top choices is RepelWell’s Formula Spray.

This product is known for being hydrophobic and highly effective at repelling both water and pet stains, ensuring that any pet messes you clean up keep away afterward.

It is important to note that RepelWell’s Formula Spray is also non-toxic and eco-friendly, providing a safe environment for pets around the house. In addition, it is a non-flammable, non-aerosol formula that can be used with confidence and peace of mind, giving you the cleaning power you need without risking harm to your furry friends.

These are just a few pet-safe cleaning products you can find on the market today. For more options and details, be sure to take some time to do your research and compare products until you find one that is right for your needs.

Tips for Pet Safe Cleaning 

In addition to using pet-friendly cleaning products, there are a few simple rules to follow for keeping your home clean and safe for your furry friends.

?Read Labels 

Before you purchase any cleaning products:

  1. Check the labels for warnings about using the product near pets or children.
  2. Avoid products with warnings about inhalation or skin contact, as these chemicals can be dangerous for people and animals.
  3. If you’re unsure about a product, ask an expert at your local pet store or veterinarian clinic for advice. 

?Beware of Air Fresheners

It may seem easy to neutralize bad smells, but they could be quite dangerous if ingested by curious cats or dogs. Stick with natural fresheners such as essential oil diffusers (which you should still keep out of reach) or open windows/fans when possible instead. 

?Invest In A Vacuum

A good vacuum is essential for any pet owner! Regular vacuuming will help remove hair and dander from carpets and furniture before it has a chance to accumulate into deeper layers of debris which could cause allergies or asthma attacks in both pets and humans alike. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag regularly so that allergen particles aren’t released back into the air when emptying the bag into a trashcan outside the home. 

A vacuum with a HEPA filter helps trap allergens such as dust mites so they don’t get re-circulated into the air where they can irritate noses & throats!  

?Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner

Vacuuming regularly is important when you have pets in the house, but sometimes a more thorough cleaning is needed to get rid of serious animal stains and odors. To avoid using potentially toxic carpet cleaners, try making your own by combining equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle and spot treat as needed. 

?Use Hot Water

When washing pet bedding, towels, or other fabric items that may come in contact with your pet’s fur or skin, always use hot water (at least 140°F). This will help kill off any bacteria or germs that may have been transferred onto these items from your four-legged friend! If possible, wash these items separately from another laundry as some laundry detergent may contain chemicals that could irritate the sensitive skin of pets. 

?Remove Pet Hair With Rubber Gloves

Good rubber gloves quickly remove hair from upholstery and hard surfaces such as floors and walls! The gloves create static electricity, attracting animal fur, so you can quickly remove it without using chemical-based cleaners, which could be harmful to animals if inhaled or ingested accidentally by curious pets!  

?Use Lint Rollers For Upholstery

Lint rollers are perfect for removing fur from furniture such as couches and chairs without using any potentially hazardous chemicals or liquids! They quickly get rid of loose fur without damaging delicate fabrics like velvet or silk! Plus, they’re easy enough for anyone in the family—even kids—to use safely without worrying about spills or splashes on their clothes or furniture surfaces!  

?Protect Your Floors With Rugs

Placing area rugs strategically throughout your home is one way to protect flooring surfaces while still allowing furry friends access to most areas in your home without fear of slipping accidents due to wet spots left behind by spilled water bowls etc,. Rugs also give you an extra layer of protection against dirt tracked in by paws during outdoor excursions with Fido in tow!  

?Keep Pet Areas Clean

It’s important to keep areas where pets spend time clean too, whether it’s their beds/crate pads/blankets/etc. It should be washed frequently by using special cleaning solutions designed specifically for pet areas. Ensuring these areas are kept clean helps prevent the buildup of bacteria & germs, which could become a health hazard over time if not taken care of regularly!  

?Utilize Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can help reduce dust particles caused by shedding fur animals, but they should never replace regular vacuuming as described above; rather, they should be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods mentioned here today (or even just daily maintenance) as an added layer protection against airborne allergens brought on by our furry friends living inside our homes with us 24/7 🙂  

?Keep Your Pet Out Of The Kitchen While Cleaning

The kitchen is full of potentially hazardous substances like bleach & ammonia, which can cause serious health problems if ingested by pets. It’s best to keep Fido out of the kitchen while you’re cleaning up after meals – even if he normally hangs out there!

?Change Filters Regularly

Many homes have air filters installed near vents & other places where air circulates through the house — these help trap small particles & pollutants from getting into your home’s air supply but need frequent changing! Check your filter every few months & replace it if necessary — this will help reduce allergies & asthma symptoms caused by pet dander!

?Keep Pet Grooming To A Minimum

Regular brushing & grooming is important for your pet’s health but can also stir up dust & dander when done too often. Try to keep pet grooming to a minimum & brush outside if possible or in a well-ventilated area like the garage or laundry room. Make sure to wash your hands afterward, too!

These are some simple tips for keeping your home clean with pets around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vinegar cleaner pet safe?

Vinegar is a natural cleaner that does not contain harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful to your pets; however, it can be potentially toxic when ingested in large quantities. In order to protect your furry friends, it’s important to wipe up any spills or splashes of vinegar and to use diluted solutions when cleaning. It’s best to avoid using vinegar on pet bedding, as the acidic nature of the vinegar can negatively affect the fabrics of these areas and make them uncomfortable for your pet.

Generally speaking, white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar is safe for your home and pet; however, always double-check product labels before purchasing and use less concentrated solutions when possible.

Can you use Lysol with dogs around?

When using Lysol with dogs around, caution is always advised. Lysol spray effectively disinfects surfaces, but the strong fragrance and chemical residue can be hazardous to your pet’s health.

Depending on the area sprayed and the ventilation in the room, inhalation of these substances can irritate a pet’s respiratory system or cause skin irritation if contacted directly. If you are looking for an effective cleaner safe for your four-legged friend, consider using a natural cleaning solution like vinegar diluted with water or baking soda mixed with water instead.

These all-natural alternatives are up to the task of providing clean and germ-free surfaces without exposing your furry family member to harsh chemicals.

Are pets safe to use Clorox wipes?

Generally speaking, reputable experts recommend avoiding using Clorox wipes in any cleaning efforts for your pet. The chemicals inside these products can be hazardous to animals if ingested and potentially irritate their skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts if exposed. 

That being said, specific pet product lines offer antibacterial and antifungal wipes designed specifically for animals and safe for usage above and beyond traditional household cleaners. Investing in such products can help give you peace of mind while keeping your pet’s space clean and healthy.

Can you spray disinfectant on a dog’s bed?

It is safe to sprinkle a disinfectant on a dog’s bed; the type of disinfectant you are using should be considered. It is best to use an all-natural product that will not contain harsh chemicals that may irritate your pet’s skin or lungs. 

You also want to be weary about any essential oils being in the disinfectant, as some essential oils may be toxic for dogs. It is important to research and discuss it with a veterinarian before using any new product on your furry friend’s bed. Ultimately, when used properly, spraying a disinfectant on your pet’s bed can help keep their sleeping area free from bacteria and germs while remaining safe and non-irritating to them.

How should a dog bed be cleaned and disinfected?

In order to effectively clean and disinfect a dog bed, first remove any dirt or debris with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming will also help to remove flea eggs and other parasites without the need for chemical treatments. After vacuuming, use an enzyme-based cleaner to break down any lingering odors.

This is often more effective than human-grade cleaners since they are designed to combat pet odors instead of masking them. Once the cleaner has been applied, use hot water and your washing machine’s hottest cycle to sanitize the bedding. Inspect the bedding after washing to ensure that it is free of lint, hair, or dust mites.

In some cases, adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle may help eliminate unpleasant odors. Finally, lay your clean dog bed in direct sunlight, if possible, to finish killing any lingering germs. This natural disinfectant process helps keep your pup’s sleeping area safe from disease-causing organisms.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what cleaning products are safe for dogs and how to use them, you can keep your home and four-legged friend’s space clean and free from bacteria and germs. Considering all the facts provided, you can ensure that your pup lives in a safe and hygienic environment.

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