Top 5 Vacuum Cleaners Good for Long Hair

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What characteristics do the best vacuum cleaners good for long hair have, in your opinion? Any vacuum cleaner will have trouble with hair that is too long. Keep an eye out for features like a self-cleaning brush roll. Moreover, you should also check for the broad intake nozzle, a robust motor, and tangle-free brush rolls to keep your vacuum running smoothly and clear of clogs. If you need to vacuum up a lot of hair, a big canister may be a good investment.

The vacuum cleaners good for long hair are multipurpose due to their robust suction. They work well on bare floors, rugs, and carpets with different heights of the pile. When you finally get around to raking those leaves, you may want to use the same industrial leaf vacuum that you used for your hair.

Pet hair is easily cleaned by these high-end robot vacuums. Some even market themselves specifically to pet owners. Basically, a long-haired vacuum cleaner is the best option for homes with pets. Read on to discover more about these potent home cleaning products and how to select the finest vacuum for long hair.

How to Find the Perfect Hoover for Your Long Hair

Consider these guidelines while looking for a new vacuum that can handle your lengthy hair.

1-Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Generally, vacuum cleaners come in a wide variety, and most of them are effective at picking up short hair. A select handful works better with lengthy locks. Let’s take a look at the perks and drawbacks of each vacuum category:

Upright Vacuum:

In most cases, the best vacuum is the upright variety. Basically, they can be adjusted in a wide variety of ways and come with a number of useful attachments, such as brush rollers and removable hoses. Generally, upright vacuums are great for hair, but they’re heavier and bigger.


Stick vacuums are a kind of upright vacuum that is smaller and lighter than a traditional vacuum. Most users believe that a corded stick vacuum cleans human and pet hair best. While cordless vacuum cleaners are smaller than their upright counterparts, they are just as effective.


This alternative to the standard upright vacuum is just as effective at cleaning your floors. As a matter of fact, the canister vacuum’s body is on wheels, and the vacuum’s intake hose is lengthy and retractable. Canister vacuums aren’t ideal for removing pet hair from carpets since they lack a beater bar and roller brush.


For easy cleaning, a vacuum robot may be a suitable choice. If you don’t spend much time at home or don’t have the time to devote to a thorough vacuuming, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a vacuuming robot because it can clean itself after you’ve programmed it.


If you’re in a bind and have nothing else, you can use a handheld vacuum to quickly and easily remove lengthy hair. Handheld vacuum cleaners, like vacuuming robots, typically lack the suction power necessary to remove substantial amounts of lengthy hair at once.

2-Floor Type

Generally, when choosing a vacuum, it’s important to consider your floor type. Here are the two most prevalent floor kinds and what you need to vacuum them:


In order to properly clean carpeting, you need a vacuum that has a rotating beating bar or brush roll. The carpet fibers are loosened up by the vibrations and are easier to vacuum up. You may desire the best Frieze carpet vacuum or the best shag carpet cleaner.


The finest vacuum without a beater bar may be used on any type of hardwood floor without scratching or denting the floor. Thus it’s not necessary to have one if you only have bare floors like hardwood or tile. Find a vacuum that has strong enough suction to pick up lengthy hair.

3-Tangle-Free Brush Roll

If the brush roll in your vacuum can get tangled up, look for a different model. The beater bar might tangle with lengthy hair, making it necessary to untangle it by hand. As a result, the best available vacuums in this price range feature integral safeguards against hair tangles.

4-Powerful Suction

Stronger suction makes it simpler for the cleaner to draw lengthy hairs into the canister or dust cup. On this occasion, the brush feature is more likely to take up lengthy hair. However, you’ll need strong airflow to drive it through the vacuum. Particularly if it’s knotted under carpet strands.

That is to say, one of the advantages of a vacuum with powerful suction is that hair isn’t weighed down by accumulations of product. Without those annoying hairs clogging up the hose or tube, it will require less frequent cleaning, which will free up more of your time.

5-Multiple Attachments

The vacuum attachment is a must-have for removing annoying hair. Whether it’s a brush head designed specifically for use on upholstery or a tool designed specifically for eliminating pet hair. The appropriate equipment can help you regain that fresh, clean feeling in no time.

Even more, convertible models are available for some goods. It can do the work of a wide variety of tools. They may be used as a standard upright for carpets and bare floors. Moreover, the base can be detached to become a portable vacuum.

6-Filtration System

For this study, we tested a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, including several that were equipped with (HEPA) filters. In contrast, many have great filters but no HEPA filter. How effectively the filter is placed and the airways within it are sealed determines to what extent a vacuum filters the air. Poor filter installation results in some air bypassing the filter altogether. This allows some of the unfiltered air to re-enter the atmosphere.

7-Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum

Which are superior, bagged or bagless vacuums, for allergy and dust reduction? Your allergies and the frequency with which you want to empty them should guide your decision.

Using a bagged vacuum is the most effective technique to avoid triggering allergies. They prevent allergen-causing dust from entering the vacuum and keep you from coming into contact with it while cleaning. Dust bags are stored inside the vacuum until they are full or need to be replaced.

If you want to save time and effort and buy fewer bags, a bagless upright vacuum is a fantastic option. Dust cups should be emptied on a semi-regular basis. And if you don’t want dust or other particles flying around, you should go for one with a bottom opening.

8-Easy Maintenance

To prevent the buildup of hair and tangles in your vacuum, you may need to disassemble its parts sometimes. This category includes things like filters, rollers, trash cans, and hoses. Verify the availability of these features by looking at the product’s specs sheet before making a final decision to buy.

List of Vacuum Cleaners Good for Long Hair

Based on capacity, filtering process, suction power, and capacity, these are the top five long-hair vacuums.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba 694

It’s an excellent iRobot Roomba vacuum for a wide variety of surfaces, including hard floors, vinyl, hardwood, and carpeting. This compact design slides easily under most tables and beds. One can schedule cleanings and operate them remotely.

Its proprietary Dirt Detect technology automatically detects high-traffic areas and cleans them more completely, while its self-charging feature saves you time. It has two different brushes that can be used on different surfaces.


  • Zero Maintenance Needed – By programming it from the start, this vacuum cleans at a predetermined time. With that, there is zero obligation on your part.
  • One-Inch Stepper – It can effortlessly transfer and navigate between rugs, carpets, and hard flooring.
  • Abuse Suppression Mechanism – Due to its anti-drop technology, this robot vacuum does not need much supervision.


  • Increasing Upkeep Needed – It will take extra time to clean this robot vacuum if you rely on it to collect hair.
  • Extremely Imprecise and Easily Confused – Consumers have complained that this particular vacuuming robot is disorganized. There is no specified cleaning path, and some purchasers have complained that it is difficult to figure out.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

vacuum cleaners good for long hair

Customers have praised this Dyson vacuum as a technological breakthrough in the vacuum industry. You can confidently use it on your long hair because it is made for use in homes with pets. Cleansing is significantly enhanced by the increased power provided by cyclone technology.

The fade-free motor and acoustic engineering in this vacuum are two very useful characteristics. Just one hour of charging time and you can use it cordlessly as a handheld device. The portability, versatility, and simplicity of use, adjustment and storage make it an ideal choice. Mini motorized and soft dusting brushes, crevice tools, and combo tools are included.


  • Capacity for Multiple Uses Purifies the Whole House – It’s portable and effective, able to clean both carpets and hard floors. It comes with a number of different attachments that make quick work of scrubbing away grime, hair, and other stubborn messes.
  • It’s Quieter Than Other Choices – This vacuum has noise cancellation, which is unusual for household appliances. The attention to acoustic detail is a welcome addition that helps to keep noise levels down.
  • An Extraordinary 0.76 Liter Capacity – This model can contain 0.76 liters of soil, an increase of 40% over earlier iterations.


  • Unreliable and Non-Replaceable Power Sources – The vacuum’s batteries are sealed in, so you’ll need to be extremely careful when using and charging it. They are not serviceable, so a new device will be required for any necessary repairs.
  • Not a User-Friendly Layout – This model is a little difficult to grasp despite being lightweight and portable. The power button may cause hand and finger fatigue if constantly depressed.

Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 Upright Vacuum

vacuum cleaners good for long hair

Because of its many possible applications, this upright has caught our attention. It includes a turbo brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool that works well on furniture and upholstery.

Its efficacy, speed, and simplicity in cleaning are all thanks to its proprietary Triple Action technology. The brush roll can loosen and remove embedded grime in one swift motion. This is a fantastic function, especially for hair, as it eliminates the need for any sort of do-over.

Our favorite part is the multi-stage, multi-cyclonic filtration system. It improves the vacuum’s suction so that you can remove more dirt and hair. The provided filter can be reused and cleaned, cutting costs in the long term.


  • Expend Less Energy on Your Part – Potentially useful in saving time and effort, this option was not taken advantage of. It saves time and performs a wonderful job of removing hair.
  • Powerful Attachments for a Thorough Cleaning – It includes attachments for convenience like the 6-foot hose and an extension wand.
  • It’s for a Worthwhile Reason


  • Adjustment Period – This upright vacuum cleaner is more difficult to use than others they have tried.
  • It’s Unwieldy to Move – Its mobility and maneuverability are subpar. At 12.5 pounds, it could be too heavy for some people.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

vacuum cleaners good for long hair

There isn’t a better option than this vacuum for quick, easy hair-cleaning jobs. Lengthy hair, dust, grime, debris, and even pet hair all fall victim to its effective removal. It’s multipurpose enough to clean anything from hardwood floors to sofas.

The adaptor that sits on a table is fantastic for stowing and charging the device. It comes with typical extras, but they’re a welcome bonus. A power brush, a precision instrument, and a tool for cleaning upholstery are included. This handheld’s 0.7-liter capacity is impressive. The LED indicator light makes checking the battery life easy.


  • Simple and Convenient Maintenance – It has a low learning curve and can be up and running quickly with little work on your part.
  • Space-Saving, Space-Efficient Design – This vacuum takes up very little room and can be docked and charged in a short amount of time on any flat surface, including tables, shelves, and counters. It’s convenient in that it’s both conveniently accessible and useful.
  • Included Are Several Wonderful Extras – They come in handy when you require some pinpoint accuracy while de-fuzzing your hair.


  • Costing is a Pain
  • Limit Yourself to Easy Chores – It’s not made for massive spaces or intensive cleaning therefore, limit your cleaning to quick fixes and accidents.

Ovente Bagless Canister

vacuum cleaners good for long hair

With its convenient canister vacuum cleaner, it is ideal for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. To begin with, it has a telescoping, flexible wand and a hose that can rotate in any direction. Compared to similar vacuums, it’s easier to manage and provides greater cleaning space.

HEPA and multi-level filtration boost this product’s value and suction. It’s great for pet owners, and the handy extras mean it can handle even the longest of hair.

There includes a flexible multi-angle brush, a bristle brush, a floor brush, a brush for cleaning pets and couches, and a crevice nozzle. The cord may be rewound automatically and there is a see-through dust bin.


  • Fur-Removing Pet and Couch Pillow – Sofa brushes designed for pets make it easy to maintain lengthy hair.
  • Versatile Set of Brushes for a Variety of Uses – The versatility of this vacuum is highlighted by the included attachments and extras. There are four distinct brushes available to cater to a wide variety of surfaces and cleaning requirements. The flexible bristles of the multi-angle brush are gentler on surfaces and more efficient to use. This vacuum is suitable for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery, and wooden furniture.
  • Extend Your Reach with a Telescoping Wand – The telescoping, flexible wand is great since it greatly expands your range of motion and, thus, your access. The vacuum’s adaptability and portability are bolstered by the vacuum’s swiveling hose, which allows for full rotation in any direction. It’s the ideal tool for cleaning those inconvenient or inaccessible spots.


  • Lacking in Ergonomic Design – some users have complained that it’s awkward to use, or that it requires a while to get used to.
  • HEPA Filter Needs More Maintenance – Some users say the filter system is useful yet difficult to maintain. Some customers have mentioned that they dislike how often they have to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a HEPA filter for my vacuum for long hair?

Nevertheless, a (HEPA) filter is unnecessary if you are only vacuuming up long hair. Your home’s air quality can be enhanced by installing a (HEPA) filter. This is intended for those who live with allergy sufferers. The (HEPA) filter installed in your vacuum can trap airborne allergens and dust inside the appliance.

Q: Is a bagged canister or bagless vacuum cleaners good for long hair?

Canister vacuums are the best for home hair removal. Because many of these models include see-through dust bins, you can quickly identify any areas of the vacuum where hair may be becoming entangled and eliminate the problem before it worsens.

Q: Can robots vacuum long hair strands?

A robot vacuum cleaner can, in fact, pick up even long hair with ease. While vacuuming robot have improved tangle-free technology, it still isn’t quite as traditional and good vacuums. So, you may have to empty the vacuum of hair more frequently.

Q: Can human hair ruin vacuum?

Most vacuums can handle a little bit of hair without any problems. However, your vacuum’s overall efficiency may be diminished if you attempt to clear up a lot of long human hair at once. In light of this, if you anticipate doing more than occasional hair cleanup. It’s wise to invest in a expensive vacuum designed to handle long hair from both human hair and pet hair.

Final Thoughts

Everybody has a hair-dropping moment in the home. Even our pets, dogs and cats, shed hair. And as a result, our carpets and upholstered items accumulate more hair than is healthy. Fortunately, every issue has a remedy.

A vacuum that doesn’t get tangled up is an absolute necessity. Those annoying home hairs will be no match for this method. If you want to get rid of hair, whether it’s your own or your pet’s, a simple session with the vacuum cleaner will do the trick. The good thing is there are a number of great choices among vacuum cleaner with exceptional hair management technologies.

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