Vacuum Cleaner Under $60 – the Ultimate Guide!

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A high-quality vacuum with excellent filtration and suction is necessary for shining floors. While vacuum cleaners from Dyson and iRobot tend to be on the pricier side, you may find highly rated alternatives from some of your favorite brands that won’t break the bank. Whether this is your first vacuum purchase or you’re wanting to upgrade, it’s important to think about which model will serve your family’s needs the best vacuum cleaner under $60.

Types of Vacuums

You can choose from five primary varieties of vacuums to meet your specific requirements. Based on what we’ve learned in the past and what experts have told us, here are the main differences between canister, upright, stick, portable, and robot vacuum cleaners.

Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum consists of an independent canister housing, the motor and power supply. A lengthy hose to which various attachments may be attached. Canister vacuums are an excellent alternative to heavy and cumbersome upright vacuums for homeowners who need to clean a variety of surfaces, including stairs. Though it may be cumbersome to stow away due to its many components.

Upright Vacuum

A large, open home is perfect for an upright vacuum because they are more manageable than canister models. Unlike their more portable canister counterparts, upright vacuum cleaners can weigh up to 20 pounds, making them awkward to carry up and down flights of stairs. Some upright vacuum cleaners, but not all, have a wand attachment that can be used to clean vertical surfaces such walls, upholstery, and drapes.

Stick Vacuum

The compact and portable design of a stick vacuum makes it ideal for use during fast clean-ups or in houses with limited storage space. Due to their reduced suction force, these are best suited to those with limited cleaning needs. Sticks are useful for parents who are often picking up after their children.

Cordless Vacuum

One convenient choice is a portable (or cordless) vacuum, commonly known as a Dustbuster due to its diminutive size and portability. They can be useful for cleaning your automobile or for spot cleaning. But their suction isn’t as strong as that of a standard vacuum. Since this is the case, handheld vacuums are best utilized as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, a bigger, heavier-duty vacuum for thorough domestic cleaning.

Shop Vac

A shop vac is a “smarter” alternative to a conventional vacuum. It can clean your home at any time, even when you’re not there, and then return to its charging dock on its own. They are useful for cleaning under furniture and in other hard-to-reach places that larger models can’t reach. However, they are typically slower than other vacuums, so they aren’t the ideal choice if you need to clean up quickly.

Bagless Vacuum

Without bags, dust and debris are collected in a dustbin that must be regularly emptied from a bagless vacuum. Those with mild allergies can benefit from a bagless model, while those with severe allergies should go elsewhere. However, the particles in bagged vacuums are confined in a bag, which must be replaced as it becomes full, adding to the cost of using the vacuum. You may find both bagged and bagless versions of canister and upright vacuums.

How to Identify Quality in a Low-Priced Hoover?

It’s inevitable that when you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have to sacrifice some cherished possessions. For the price you’re paying, that’s to be expected. Although there are some things to remember even when trying to save money especially when you are looking for a vacuum cleaner under $60.

Convertible to a 2-in-1

A 2-in-1 vacuum has two different vacuuming options in one device. It’s an upright vacuum cleaner that is convertible into a portable one. Dual functionality enhances the usefulness and practicality of your already inexpensive vacuum cleaner. You can accomplish more with your vacuum if you have the option to turn it into a handheld device, regardless of how you intend to use it.

Bagged vs. Bagless Design

If you want to reduce ongoing expenses, it’s best to use a vacuum that collects dust in a canister rather than relying on bags. Over time, it will deteriorate and require replacement. Despite the fact that the majority of vacuum cleaners today do not use bags, choosing one that has a container will make emptying it in between cleanings much simpler. 

If you choose to use a dust bin, remember to keep it clean and well-maintained to further aid in the longevity of your vacuum. To avoid a drop in performance, empty the cup of all debris before it fills up completely. Moreover, if you decide to go that route, you should know that the main benefit is that debris is contained after being vacuumed up. Not seeing or touching the item you just picked up is a bonus for people with allergies.

Corded vs. Cordless Design

Both the wired and wireless versions have their advantages. If you’re cleaning with a cordless vacuum, for instance, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the job. However, you will have less freedom of movement and be able to clean fewer surfaces. 

In general, cordless vacuum cleaners are more maneuverable than their corded counterparts. They are also more expensive and have a smaller cleaning capacity to save money while still getting a powerful vacuum. Make sure the battery life is long enough for the cleaning jobs you need to do, or choose a vacuum with replaceable batteries.

​​Our List of Vacuum​ Cleaners Under $60

Buying a cheap vacuum comes with some potential hazards. When you attempt to save money by not buying a well-known brand. There’s a chance you’ll buy a low-quality vacuum that won’t last long. However, you can get a decent vacuum cleaner that won’t break the bank for less than $60. Please see below for our picks of the top $60 vacuums.


Bissell 20336 Featherweight Stick Vacuum

The name “Featherweight” refers to the best thing about the Bissell 20336 Featherweight Vacuum: how light it is, like a feather. For numerous years in a row, we’ve chosen this Bissell as our favorite low-priced stick vacuum. This specific model is the lightest stick vacuum cleaner on the market at just 2.5 pounds. 

You can lift it and carry it up the stairs in both directions because of how light it is. Its small form factor and light weight mean that it won’t weigh you down or take up much storage space. As a bonus, this model can quickly change from a canister vacuum to a handheld vacuum. With the push of a button, the vacuum’s top half can be detached, transforming it into a compact portable version that’s perfect for picking up dust and crumbs on the go.

Reason for Buying:

It has a respectable filtration system and is extremely lightweight and portable.


Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum

Hardwood flooring and other hard surfaces are no match for the Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum. This is a cheap choice to consider, but don’t let the low-price fool you. It is still an efficient cleaning device. The 240-watt motor and cyclonic filtration in this model are formidable features. 

As a result, you’ll have more than enough muscle and suction to clean up even the heaviest, most tenacious messes. It’s the most powerful stick vacuum you can get for a reasonable price, and it can pick up almost anything in its path. This brush roller is included in an extremely cost-effective form.

In addition, you’ll like that there are no bags included with this design. With a single button, you can pop off the filter canister and swap it out for a new one. As an added bonus, the Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Cleaner is a lightweight alternative at less than four pounds. Another perk is that this model’s small footprint makes it easy to stash away.

Reason for Buying:

Currently, this is the most effective vacuum cleaner available for its price.

Bissell Featherweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to its low price, the fact that the Bissell Stick Vacuum Cleaner looks and functions so much like a traditional vacuum makes it one of the best picks among our recommended models. Remember, this is a classic 3-in-1 model, meaning it has a canister vacuum, portable vacuum, and a stair cleaning option. 

This vacuum can be disassembled into a handheld cleaner in seconds. With the push of a button, the Bissell can quickly change from an upright to a portable model. For this reason, the Bissell Stick Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for both general surface cleaning and more targeted tasks such as under furniture.

Reason for Buying:

Portable and multi-purpose vacuum that works well on any surface.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

The Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Cordless Bagless Upright Vacuum was created with the needs of city living in mind. Not only the floor, but also anything is on it can be cleaned with it. By extending the length of the cleaning hose to a total of seven feet (five feet on the floor and an extra two on the attachment end), you can easily clean areas as far apart as your floor or as high as your curtains.

With a cord that’s 23 feet long, you won’t have to unplug and plug back in as often. Furthermore, a knob on the vacuum’s suction head allows for speedy height adjustment. It has three settings that let you clean carpets of different sizes, textures, and heights, such as regular size, bare floors, shag, and high pile.

Dust, particulates, and pollen can all be removed from the air with the use of a HEPA filter. This cuts the spread of allergens by 99.97% while cleaning. Rather than replacing the vacuum’s filter, you may simply wash it and use it again and again. Thanks to the huge bagless canister’s twist-off design, you won’t have to buy and replace bags as often.

Reason for Buying:

A fast, effective, and easy-to-use cleaning tool

Black+Decker CHV1410L Cordless Hand Vacuum

This is the high-powered and adaptable handheld vacuum cleaner you’ve been dreaming about. You can easily clean up any mess, from small dust particles to big clumps of dirt and debris, even spilled cereal. This is a lightweight but powerful vacuum. The built-in lithium-ion battery, which takes only four hours to fully charge, lets you clean at high suction for 30 minutes.

The Smart Charge Innovation Foundation will charge your handheld vacuum with up to 50% less power than a regular rechargeable hand vacuum. After charging is done, the base will turn off automatically to keep the batteries from getting too hot and to extend their life. It takes up to a year for the battery to lose its charge while it is not being used.

You won’t waste time removing or replacing bags thanks to the canister’s simple twist-off design. Also, the canister can be taken completely out of the machine, making a large opening for washing out dirt or scrubbing the machine when needed. Since the filters can be taken out and washed, you don’t have to buy new ones all the time.

Reason for Buying:

Easy to carry along and use, this cleaning solution is lightweight and effective.

Von Haus 2-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum

This choice is great because it’s easy to switch from a regular stick vacuum to a detailed hand vacuum or a long-reaching crevice cleaner. It’s simple design makes it easy to clean a wide range of surfaces with little effort and time spent making adjustments.

When cleaning an average-sized room, a cord length of 19 feet and a half ensures that you won’t have to unplug the device or stop cleaning to re-plug it in. When you’re done cleaning, simply wind the cable back onto the compact stick vacuum’s body.

The bagless trash can help you avoid dirtying your hands when emptying the trash. This transparent container holds 1.3 liters of dirt and waste and allows you to see its level for easy disposal. Inside the canister is washable HEPA filtering technology that keeps allergens from going back into the air when you vacuum.

Reason for Buying:

It’s simple to implement and adapt.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do you know how much a new vacuum cleaner is?

A new vacuum cleaner’s price will vary with the model you select and the extras you want. However, to give you an idea of what’s possible financially, here are some estimates, ranging from the very low to the very high:

  • Upright vacuum cleaners can range in price from $50 to $1,000 or more.
  • Prices for canister vacuum cleaners typically range from $150 to $1,500.

Q: How much do vacuums weigh?

In general, the typical weight fluctuates with different models of vacuum cleaners. Here are the medians, from heaviest to lightest, across the various product types:

  • 14-17 ounces, depending on height when standing
  • 8-13 lb. canister
  • Both the Robot and the Stick weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Roughly 5 lb. when held in both hands

Q: Which vacuum is most effective for stairwells?

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally finish vacuuming the entire house and look around at how clean everything is. This is an amazing sensation until the stairs come back to mind. Here are a few things to think about if stair vacuuming is in your near future:

  • Is there enough cord to go around? In that scenario, cordless options are worth investigating.
  • How well does the vacuum clean hard-to-reach areas? A stair attachment for your vacuum is a must-have if you own a home with stairs.
  • Do you think you could handle the uphill and downhill carrying of a large machine? If that’s the case, you should search for a compact, lightweight version.

Q: Do I need a HEPA filter?

Consumer Reports says that high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are helpful and don’t hurt anyone. Their major purpose is to cut down on airborne allergens like mildew, smoke, and dust. However, if the vacuum you’re interested in doesn’t have one, it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, as there are likely to be similarly effective versions that don’t include the label.

Final Thoughts

Cheap vacuum cleaners are now available without compromising on quality. A powerful vacuum cleaner from a reputable brand can be purchased for less than $60. The costs will accrue in the form of a reduced set of functions or a streamlined concentration on a particular need, such as pet hair removal or portability.

All of the models above won out as our top option thanks to their portability and versatility. They also clean thicker carpets better than any other vacuum in its price range and is more effective at removing pet hair than any other vacuum. So, if you are on a tight budget yet you want to grab one, just read back the list and see which one you prefer.

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