Best Carpet Cleaner Machine for Home Use: Our Top Five Picks

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One week’s worth of vacuuming is insufficient for a home with carpets. A carpet cleaner is to the rescue at least once a season to remove ingrained dirt, fresh messes, and even old marks from your carpets and upholstery. Having a carpet cleaner on hand is really convenient. It allows you to quickly and easily revive carpets, rugs, and even couch upholstery. With the use of the best carpet cleaner machine for home use, you will not have to resort to renting a bulky, tank-sized carpet cleaner every time you need some TLC.

In this post, we filter down the five best carpet cleaner machines for your home. Looking through these high-quality cleaning machines will help you to make house cleaning a breeze!

How Do Carpet Cleaner Machines Work?

The standard operation of a carpet cleaning machine entails spraying the carpet with water and sanitizing solutions. Afterward, rubbing it through the fabric using an interior brush system should be done. Sucking out the water and dirt is the next thing to follow. Carpets and upholstery will be substantially cleaner, but not completely dry, after this process. 

Always remember to keep away from the freshly cleaned area until it has dried completely, which could take several hours or even overnight. Moreover, to support the operation of the carpet cleaner machine, better to avoid grime buildup. You can do this by emptying the machine’s tanks and washing the brush heads and attachments after each use.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner can employ a wide variety of techniques to clean carpets, some of which are more effective than others. It’s vital to know the differences between these cleaning methods because some of the top carpet cleaners employ multiple methods, while others stick to just one.

Extraction Using Hot Water

Using hot water under pressure, this technique is more often known as steam cleaning. A combination of spinning brushes and strong suction extracts any remaining dirt and debris from the carpet. While hot water can be used to wash away odors, most cleaners also employ the use of detergent. As a result, you’ll need to wash the carpet with detergent and then rinse it with plain water before letting it dry.

Carpet Shampooing

Using this procedure, you’ll combine shampoo with hot water from the faucet. Carpets can be cleaned in one simple step by using rotating brushes to work the solution into the carpet fibers. Then, sucking it up and out again before being left to dry. 

One common complaint about carpet washing is that it leaves behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and debris and quickly necessitates another cleaning. This residue can be diminished by refilling the shampooer with cold water and running it through a second time. Avoid using warm or hot water, as this will only serve to activate any remaining soap instead of washing it away.


In the 1970s, encapsulation technology appeared and began displacing carpet shampooers from the market. To encapsulate something, you’ll need to employ chemicals and then freeze it. Encapsulation chemicals are sprayed over the carpet, rubbed into the fibers using a cylinder brush, rotational paint, or hat, and then the carpet and debris are vacuumed out.

Bonnet Cleaning

This technique involves attaching soaked silk, viscose, or polyester padding called a bonnet to a powerful, motorized shampooer and washing the hair with the bonnet. To get the same results as a traditional bonnet, you can use a set of revolving brushes drenched in water and a cleaning solution. By spinning a cleaning pad or set of brushes, the machine works to loosen debris from the carpet’s surface before sucking it up. Although it’s not the best choice for full-room carpet cleaning at home, spot cleaning can be done quickly with a vacuum.

Dry Method Cleaning

In contrast to other methods, dry carpet cleaning, also known as a “compound cleaning service,” has been around since the 1980s. Water is not a requirement for this carpet cleaning method. Utilizing a powered, counter-rotating brush machine, brushing the cleaning compound (usually a powder) into the carpet fibers take place. 

By “opening up” the carpet, this machine allows the compound to reach the base of the pile. After waiting 30–60 minutes, the cleaning solution and debris are completely vacuumed away. While dry carpet cleaning isn’t quite as efficient as steam cleaning, it can be a lifesaver for hectic families who can’t afford to leave the carpet off the floor for hours while it dries.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner Machine

When searching for the ideal carpet cleaner machine for your house, business, or other residential or commercial location, keep these things in mind.

1-Spot Cleaning vs. Whole-House Cleaning Process

One-room cleaners are more affordable and more convenient than their full-house counterparts. But, their weaker suction means they are better suited for occasional use. They work great on steps and in homes with minimal carpeting or when rugs are left out on the floor. Washing the carpets in your car is another viable alternative when using a small cleaning service or personal carpet cleaner.

2-Weight and Portability

The heavier the device, the stronger the suction motor and the faster the rotating brushes. Mobile devices are more convenient due to their portability and reduced weight. It’s also possible to find mid-sized carpet cleaners, which are superior to portable vacuums but can’t handle the heaviest duty cleaning.

Whether you want to hire a professional or do it yourself, it’s important to think about your physical limitations as well as the number of floors in your home and the quantity of carpeting on each. You may want to consider a lightweight, portable type if you have carpet on the basement, main floor, and two more levels of your townhouse. The weights given for the various machines do not account for the weight of the water used by them.

3-Hose Length

The length of the hose attached to a carpet cleaner is typically no more than ten feet, although some models do not come with a hose at all. The reach of cleaning with a 10-foot hose is considerable, but the further the water and/or washing solution must travel, the more time it will take to clean the carpet. Dropping the water temperature during transport results in the reduction of carpet cleaner’s effectiveness. A hose connection is useful because it provides a way to get underneath bulky items like a bed or couch.


Cleaning diverse surfaces, getting to inaccessible spots, and eliminating pet hair and odors are all made easier with the help of carpet cleaner accessories, which are attachments that may be plugged into the machine’s hose or intake port. There are many different kinds, but some of the most prevalent are upholstery equipment, crevice cleaning attachments, and spinning brushes that remove difficult, stuck-on stains. To prevent fur from becoming entangled in the machine, pet attachments are available, such as specialized brushes, protective barriers, and even dedicated holding tanks.

Five Best Carpet Cleaner Machines for Home

Customers have raved about these models, and they’ve performed admirably in the lab tests. What we have here is a selection of the most competitively priced items available in 2022.

OUR TOP PICK: Bissell 86T3 Big Green Deep Cleaner

If you have a big house, kids, or pets, you need a BISSELL #86T3. This is due to the fact that the equipment includes large clean-water as well as dirty-water tanks. It also performs forward-and-backward deep cleaning with remarkable efficiency. One of the key differences between it and the Rug Doctor is that the latter only needs to clean in one direction, necessitating additional passes for a thorough cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for cleaning carpet’s large areas
  • Good for upholstery
  • Car carpets
  • Tough stains
Extra-large scrubbing brush High costs
Cleaning conveniences with a 9-foot hose Offers some burdensome tasks
It contains three 8-ounce bottles of cleaner  
able to handle intensive cleaning tasks  


?BISSELL SpotClean Anywhere Portable #97491

It’s convenient to have a SpotClean handy at home or in the workplace for removing accidental spills and stains on carpets. Because of its compact form factor, it can be easily handled by anyone. The machine’s soft-grip handle makes it simple to transport it from one location to another.

Unfortunately, the cleaning strength and capacity of portable carpet cleaners are always compromised. The requirement of more effort is crucial to clean a larger area of the carpet. With that, you’ll need to refill the solution more frequently. The purpose of this device is spot cleaning; it is not well-suited for cleaning large areas.

It’s a breeze to use Problems deciphering the fill line
Powerful Minimal emotional ties
It works quickly on the majority of stains.  

?Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack

Rug Doctor’s Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack includes the machine itself, a stair/upholstery tool, a spray bottle of urine eliminator, and a full-size bottle of Rug Doctor’s industrial-strength carpet cleaner formula. This is a high-quality deep cleaner on par with the Bissell Big Green. One drawback of a powerful carpet cleaner is that it is bulkier and more cumbersome than standard models. Rug Doctor has a longer power cord (28 feet vs. 25 feet) and a larger tank capacity than Bissell’s Big Green.

It makes use of hot water. Expensive
Everything is accounted for. Bulky
Adjustable hold  

?Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe #FH50150

The Power Scrub Deluxe from Hoover continues the company’s tradition of producing high-quality goods. It’s only 19 pounds, but SpinScrub Technology cleans just as well as heavier versions. If you require more power than a portable can provide but can’t lift the bigger models, this one is for you. This carpet cleaner machine is a top pick and a great value.

Incredible effective cleaning tool Maintenance or replacement is time-consuming.
Modular and simple to put together Water periodically escapes from the tank.
The carpet dries rapidly thanks to the forced air heating system.  

?BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet #36Z9

Twelve rows of rotating power brushes help get your carpets spotless with this Bissell model. Additionally, there is the inclusion of a stain trapper to ensure a thorough clean. Animal dander can be deposited in the designated hair-collection container. You can get rid of pet stains and urine and the stink they leave behind by using this and the odor-controlling cleansing formula.

Dual motors boost An electrical cord is not the best
The cleaner keeps the water heated.  
Animal spots are cleaned separately.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of detergent should I use?

Most carpet cleaners come with a small sample quantity of the detergent the manufacturer suggests. Read the manual to find out what kinds of detergents are compatible with your carpet cleaner machine.

For how long does one need a carpet cleaner?

It depends on the layout and size of the area being discussed. Quickly cleaning a large room without moving furniture around can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Much more effort is needed.

How long till the carpet is dry after being shampooed?

The drying time for the carpet ranged from 30 min to 7 hours. Make sure the cleaner absorbs as much moisture as possible so it can dry more quickly. Please refrain from moving the furniture until the carpet has dried completely.

Can carpet cleaners get rid of all types of stains?

Food spills, pet accidents, and other messes are no match for a carpet cleaner. The chances of completely removing a stain improve dramatically if you act quickly. We found that none of the tested cleansers were able to get rid of dried eggs, but they were all effective on new spills.

How often should you clean your carpet?

If you have allergies to dust mites or pet dander, you should clean your home every three or four months. A once-every-12-to-18-months frequency is acceptable otherwise. It is best to schedule maintenance during the warmer months when the carpet can dry more rapidly.

Wrapping Up

The emergence of new, more effective cleaning technology has made it simple to find a reliable carpet cleaner out there that can perform a satisfactory cleaning job. For us to even think about purchasing a carpet cleaner and rug cleaner, it would have to be specifically made for cleaning carpets quickly and efficiently.

When looking into the various options, it was important to keep in mind that not all of them would use the same cleaning method to get rid of the grime and dirt on the carpet. The selection process looked at how portable, light, long, and effective the hose was overall. A full-size wet carpet vacuum cleaner with a detachable spot cleaner is an example of a product with a distinctive feature or accessory that set it apart from comparable items with these features lacking.

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