Best Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas: 3 Picks for Tidy Floors

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High-traffic areas like our kitchen and living room undergo so much activity! And with all the muddy shoes, spills, and crumbs, carpets here take a toll. If that’s the case, you’ll want the best carpet cleaner for high traffic areas for fresh rugs every time!

The best carpet cleaners for high-traffic spots can keep these busy areas clean — no matter how they go through! And as you drag them along the floor, they can lift all stains, dirt, and debris, giving your carpet a chance for another life.

I’ve tested over 30 carpet cleaners designed for heavy use to pinpoint the three best to consider. See which can keep up with your busy home!

What’s the Best Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas?


OUR TOP PICK: Bissell ProHeat Best Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas 2x Revolution Max Clean

Bissell ProHeat Best Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas 2x Revolution Max Clean

My pick for the best carpet cleaner for high traffic areas is the Bissell ProHeat’s latest installment, the 2X Revolution Max Clean. Although it has similar technology to the older models, this one uses advanced heatwave tech, maintaining the hot water’s temperature. With that, the carpet cleaner can keep cleaning your rug continually, hastening the process.

Moreover, the new addition lets the carpet cleaner tackle upholstery and pet hair. Another impressive addition by Bissell is its use of a targeted nozzle, ensuring proper cleaning. And thanks to this, you’ll be able to perform spot treatment on your carpets for better results.

Using the carpet cleaner is simple; you only need to press the pedal — no need to bend down or use a separate stain treatment product.

Also, you don’t need to worry about inconvenient storage as this carpet cleaner is lightweight and easy to handle. But it’s pretty bulky, so maintenance and cleaning the device might be a hassle. Although it has onboard tool storage, allowing you to carry your tools and other necessary equipment when cleaning high-traffic areas.

But the most notable feature of this carpet cleaner is its ability to tackle pet hair, pulling out stubborn fur and soaking stains on upholstery. You can use the product beyond your carpet for ultimate value.



When balance meets functionality wrapped in one affordable package, you get Bissell’s ProHeat. This revolutionary carpet cleaner has been around for over a decade, providing quality and guaranteed results. The newest model in the Bissell ProHeat line, the 2X Revolution Max Clean, uses advanced heatwave technology, contributing to its incredible performance.

The only downside is that it has no onboard storage, limiting its tank capacity. Hence, you’ll need to refill the water often, which can be cumbersome long-term. The ProHeat is perfect for those who want quality and convenience in a carpet cleaner without breaking the bank.

Pros Cons
The built-in brush roll cover is removable for convenient cleaning. This carpet cleaner has no on-board storage.
It has a unique “Express Clean Mode” that allows the carpet cleaner to dry your rug in an hour. Its design is bulky, making it difficult to store.
It’s lightweight and easy to store.  
This has detachable parts for convenient maintenance and cleaning.  
It’s affordable.  


Bissell Big Green High Traffic Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green High Traffic Professional Grade Cleaner

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning results at home, the Bissell Green High carpet cleaner has your back covered. It’s a commercial carpet cleaner that guarantees professional and top-quality cleaning. And it’s the most user-friendly carpet cleaner available in the Bissell line.

This carpet cleaner has a massive 1.75-gallon tank that is convenient to fill, carry, store, and replace. With the tank’s flexibility, you don’t need to worry about refilling the water or the cleaning solution.

Moreover, refilling has always been challenging with a carpet cleaner, as this model has a spinning flow indicator at the top. Hence, you don’t need to guesswork when to refill the water or the cleaning solution.

Although this carpet cleaner looks bulky and heavy, maneuvering it was manageable. And this is quite impressive, considering it’s a commercial carpet cleaner. Adding more to its convenience is its adjustable handle, allowing you to use the device comfortably. Best of all, its grip folds for more accessible storage.

But as easy as this carpet cleaner is to maneuver, it’s heavy-duty. After all, it’s over 40 pounds, making it difficult to use when cleaning multiple high-traffic areas.

All that heaving and rolling are worth it, though as one passes through with this carpet cleaner, everything gets cleaned. And it’s all thanks to the built-in rotating brush roll and its powerful suction — removing trapped dirt and debris in your carpet fibers. Finally, you needn’t worry about running out of wire as this carpet cleaner has a built-in 25-foot cord for convenience.

Pros Cons
This carpet cleaner has an expansive tank. This carpet cleaner is expensive.
Its handle folds for more accessible storage.  
The carpet cleaner’s components are detachable, making it easier to clean.  
It’s what the professionals use.  
The product guarantees a clean and fresh carpet every time.  

Bissell Cordless Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas

Bissell Cordless Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush

Are you looking for a convenient and compact carpet cleaner to address your high-traffic needs without invading much of your space? Look no further than Bissell’s cordless pet hair carpet cleaner!

When it comes to stain, and odor removal, Bissell’s cordless pet hair carpet cleaner is the best. And despite its compact design, it has an impressive run time, outperforming the more prominent models in the brand’s line. Plus, it has incredible suction power, removing fresh and dried stains without issues.

Aside from that, this portable cleaner has detachable components for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Hence, it’ll always be fresh and ready to operate when needed. And considering it’s wireless, it’s not surprising to see it run quietly.

Pros Cons
This carpet cleaner has a pre-mixed formula store on board. This carpet cleaner has a short battery life, cutting off the power after four hours.
Its control buttons are convenient and easy to access. It has a bulky design.
It can handle pet hair well, no matter how fluffy. It doesn’t come with a cord, relying on battery power alone.
The carpet cleaner’s design allows it not to get tangled easily.  
It charges fast.  

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas?

Roll up your sleeves and clean your carpets in high-traffic spots to give them new life and YOU the feeling of satisfaction of having a fresher home. But before you invest in the best carpet cleaner for high traffic areas, consider the following: 

✔️ Intended Use for the Carpet Cleaner

Determine how you’ll use the carpet cleaner in the high-traffic spot at home. Check if you’ll use it for daily cleaning or spot treatments whenever your rugs get dirty. So, before you decide on a carpet cleaner, consider your situation first! After all, those with pets or children will need a model with a powerful motor that can combat tough stains and a sizeable tank for widespread coverage.

Meanwhile, if you want a carpet cleaner for daily cleaning, one with quality water extraction is ideal. It guarantees a clean rug without oversaturating it, keeping its fibers intact. On the other hand, if your high-traffic area carpet goes through a lot of muddy shoes, spills, and all things nasty, consider a carpet cleaner with a rotating brush for easy removal.

Finally, if you’re looking for a carpet cleaner intended for spot cleaning, a portable model would suit you best. After all, it’s lightweight and guarantees easy use.

✔️ Type of Carpet Cleaner

A carpet cleaner can come in three sizes, including upright, commercial, and portable. 

The first resembles regular upright vacuum cleaners designed for wall-to-wall carpeting. It has a sizeable tank and boasts a more powerful motor. But the downside to upright carpet cleaners is that they’re heavy and complex. Thus, consider the other models unless you know how to maneuver around tight spots. 

Meanwhile, commercial carpet cleaners, as their name suggests, are made for massive cleaning jobs. And if you often rent industrial carpet cleaning machines, your best bet is to invest in a sizeable commercial carpet cleaner. Although expensive upfront, this carpet cleaner can save you money over time. But beware, they’re bulky and challenging to maneuver.

Finally, portable carpet cleaners are ideal for those who want spot treatments. They’re small and can go through narrower pathways without issues. And considering their compact design, these carpet cleaners are bound to be lightweight. But don’t underestimate it, as portable cleaners are just as powerful as the others, keeping high-traffic area rugs fresher than ever.

The issue with portable carpet cleaners is their minimal tank size or capacity. Because of this, you may need to do several rounds of cleaning before you can cover a high-traffic area.

✔️ Tank Size (Capacity)

Different carpet cleaners have varying tank capacities. But generally, you can find the largest ones in commercial carpet cleaners. After all, these models are made for large-scale use, perfect for roomy high-traffic spots at home. 

Meanwhile, upright carpet cleaners are next in line for models with large tank capacities. Although not as sizeable as commercial units, upright carpet cleaners are still bulky. Hence, it might be difficult to maneuver this kind of carpet cleaner in narrower high-traffic areas. 

Finally, portable carpet cleaners often have the smallest tank capacities. That means you need to dump out its content first before you can continue cleaning widespread high-traffic spots. 

Another thing to note with carpet cleaner tank capacity is that the bigger it is, the heavier the unit will be. And it’ll only get bulkier as it fills up with debris and dirty water! 

✔️ Maneuverability

Compared to regular vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners are bulkier, making them more cumbersome to use! And once you add the water, a carpet cleaner will weigh a lot more. You’ll need to see if you can carry a 40-pound machine through high-traffic areas and clean their carpets well. 

✔️ Footprint (Build)

Upright and commercial carpet cleaners need more storage space than portable models. And buying a bigger unit if you don’t have a lot of carpeting in your high-traffic areas at home isn’t the best idea. A smaller and more efficient carpet cleaner should suffice your needs. 

Moreover, carpet cleaners with many attachments and long cords or hoses, alongside plenty of onboard storage, are helpful as it lessens your chances of losing those attachments.

✔️ Cord Length

Consider cord length if you’re purchasing a commercial or upright carpet cleaner. After all, heftier units will need a direct electric source. Generally, corded carpet cleaners have up to 20 feet of cord for the user’s convenience. It should be enough to work with as it lets you move all over a decent-sized room with high traffic.

But a cordless model may suit you better if you search for a carpet cleaner that can do more spot touch-ups.

✔️ Warranty

Most carpet cleaner manufacturers share warranty information on their official websites. But generally, models with a warranty between 1 and 5 years are the most common offer for carpet cleaners. Aside from that, you must check to see if the manufacturer suggests using a specific cleaning solution, as using a different one can void the unit’s Warranty!

Aside from that, I recommend checking your carpet’s warranty policies to ensure you’re not using a cleaning product that’ll void its Warranty.

✔️ The Carpet Cleaner’s Decibel Level

Carefully consider the carpet cleaner’s decibel level if you value quietness at home. But since they’re naturally noisy, settling for a model that won’t blow you out of the high-traffic spot with their sounds should be enough. Generally, carpet cleaners around 90 decibels should be enough not to blow your ears out.

✔️ Additional Carpet Cleaner Attachments and Accessories

Some carpet cleaners have additional tools, such as an extended hose or crevice cleaning tool. These can help you maneuver the carpet cleaners better, especially in high-traffic areas like the stairs. But note that not all carpet cleaners come with these attachments and accessories.

✔️ Special or Extra Features

Besides extra attachments and accessories, many carpet cleaners have special features to consider. For instance, some models come with attachments like a rotating brush or heater for specific cleaning tasks, like cleaning upholstery. Meanwhile, others come with small detergent bottles to help you get started in cleaning your high-traffic area spot at home. 

Prioritize a built-in heater if you often deal with stains in high-traffic areas, as it’ll help you deal with stains quicker than cold or warm water. Meanwhile, an extended hose is best for cleaning carpeted stairs, helping you reach every nook and cranny of this high-foot traffic spot.

Finally, find a carpet cleaner with a rotating brush if you have a delicate carpet. After all, it avoids damaging your rugs as you clean your high-traffic rooms. 

How to Keep Carpet in High Traffic Areas Clean?

Keep even the busiest areas in your home clean and have a fresh carpet by following these tips: 

? Regularly Vacuum High-Traffic Areas 

Using a robust vacuum cleaner on flattened carpet fibers is a foolproof way to give your rug a second life. Aside from that, vacuuming removes excess dirt and debris, which can damage your carpet permanently. Clean your high-traffic area carpets with a motorized brush roll for a better effect, pulling fibers into a fuller position. 

But when vacuuming a high-traffic area, be careful not to rush it as it can damage the delicate carpet. Go in slow and brush over the spots requiring the most attention. 

? Rotate Sizeable Furniture Pieces in the High-Traffic Areas

Adjusting carpets in high-traffic areas isn’t always a plausible option. Hence, it’s best to do the next best thing — arranging your furniture pieces. The weight of our heavy furniture places a lot of pressure on the carpet fibers, leaving it to the point of no return. I recommend swapping your furniture pieces in high-traffic spots once in a while. 

If not, you can move more oversized items a few inches away from their original position to give the pressured spots a break.

? Lay the Most Suitable Carpet for the High-Traffic Spot

Pick the right carpet for your high-traffic spots, ensuring it’s durable to constant wear and tear. Generally, the best rugs for high-foot-traffic areas are made from wool or nylon. They’re durable and have a level loop lip, withstanding wear and tear alongside crushing. 

? Add Protective Barriers On Your High-Traffic Carpets

Although you can’t stop individuals from walking on your carpets in high-traffic areas, add a protective barrier via smaller rugs, mats, or runners. Ensure you replace them often, vacuuming underneath to agitate their fibers and prevent them from getting flattened often. 

? Sweep Your Outdoor Spaces 

Sweep your outdoor space often to reduce dirt and debris on the carpets in your high-traffic areas. I recommend sweeping stops where dirt can get tracked in and keeping a broom outside your door to remind you that it’s a task you must do!

? Imply and Retain a “no footwear” Policy Inside Your Home

As awkward and complex as this policy is, it can do wonders in protecting your high-traffic area carpets. Imply a custom when visitors visit by asking them to remove their footwear. And soon, people going into your home will know the drill. 

You can designate an area in your outdoor space for your guests, encouraging them to leave their shoes out before entering your home. 

? Invest in a Carpet Cleaner for High Traffic Areas

Finally, buying a carpet cleaner can keep your high-traffic areas clean. It’s a foolproof way to clean and rejuvenate your rugs, sanitizing them and keeping their fibers down. Aside from that, cleaning a high-traffic room with the device can help lift trapped debris that regular vacuum cleaners can’t reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to clean high-traffic areas on carpets?

A: Removing all high-traffic stains from carpets is possible with vinegar and baking soda. Combining these two kitchen essentials is efficient and safe for your home. But beware of doing this method often, as it can destroy the carpet’s fibers over time. After all, vinegar and baking soda have powerful dissolving properties!

Q: What carpet suits high-traffic rooms at home?

A: Many favor wool for carpets for high-traffic rooms at home as it’s durable. Wool rugs can withstand a lot of activity, no matter how intense! So, whether it goes through muddy shoes or spilled wines, there’s no need to worry. After all, after being durable, wool carpets are moisture and stain resistant.

Q: How do professionals clean carpets in high-traffic areas at home? 

A: Professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction to clean carpets in high-traffic areas. Otherwise known as steam cleaning, this technique helps deep clean rugs. And since it lets you penetrate the carpet’s fibers, you’ll be able to guarantee a fresher carpet no matter how busy the area is!

Q: How often should I shampoo my carpets in high-traffic areas?

A: It’s best to shampoo your carpets in high-traffic areas at least once every 3 to 6 months. Doing this keeps your rugs clean, no matter how busy the spot gets! Aside from vacuuming and shampooing, consider using a carpet cleaner to remove old stains and keep your carpets fresh.

Q: What is the best carpet cleaner for high traffic areas that won’t harm the rug?

A: The best carpet cleaners for high-traffic areas should be robust yet balanced. That means it should let you adjust its suction power for easier use and cleaner results. Aside from that, the carpet cleaner’s nozzle should allow you to maneuver through the rug quickly.

Final Words

Often ignored, carpets on high traffic areas at home can gather a lot of dirt and debris! And using any old vacuum cleaner won’t suffice as these places go through a lot. I recommend using the best carpet cleaner for high-traffic areas to ensure your rugs stay pristine no matter how many muddy shoes walk over them or how much spills it takes. Either way, any of the listed carpet cleaners guarantee cleaner carpets for lasting freshness.

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